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Effective Technology and Resources

ISNA Education Forum Presentation by Shereen Qaddoura and Bushra Haq

Shereen Qaddoura

on 5 June 2015

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Transcript of Effective Technology and Resources

Interactive Learning
& Lessons


Special Education

Social Learning
Learning Management System

Resources for
Classroom Management:
A multi-device collaboration tool to implement in various classroom settings to help students organize their ideas and thoughts
4 connections per group
Enhanced productivity
Virtual sticky notes and freeform drawings
Faculty use
It integrates key features of classroom management into one simple application.
Face Detection Feature
Student Cards
Functionality amongst classes
Import/Export Feature
Effective Technology and Resources to Implement in the Classroom
Bushra Haq &
Shereen Qaddoura, M.A.

*Communication and Speech Therapy
*Social Cues
*Motor Skills

With technology taking over our society, the demand for applications & other resources will grab students' attention in no time. Today you will discover internet-based sites & applications that will transform a routine lesson plan into something exciting and new.
Ever felt FRUSTRATED when planning new lesson plans?
6 Main Areas
Social Learning/
Learning Management
Interactive Learning
Is an application that is available on Google Play, Windows Store, & iTunes.
Is an app that allows teachers to share a diagram that students can label.

Example: A teacher can put up the 5 Pillars of Islam and then ask students to label the Pillars on a diagram.
A Simple way to have a flawless presentation that can easily be projected, shared and posted by presenting sites.
Limits text
Focuses on a single idea
High-impact images
Format consistent.

Final Argument
Enables teachers to create presentations using content from many sources.
Existing PDF, Keynote, and PPT files,
Interactive whiteboard documents
Video recordings
While still being in control of what is visible to students.
Edit and create new slide to an existing slide right on the spot
Can record presentations to use it later
Share with students or upload it to YouTube
Share through Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, email and iTunes
Knowmia Teach
iPad app which incorporates interactive presentation tools with aspects from pedagogical model of a flipped classroom.
Create lesson plans
Supplementary tool
Video lessons
Assignment Wizard
An online video maker, is available on Google Play and iTunes & allows teachers to create unique canvases of information such as personalized video lessons for the classroom.

Student focused
Can be used in ELA, computer courses, social studies, mathematics, science
Educators get a free Animoto Plus account!
Allows Educators the opportunity to create interactive whiteboard lessons.

Instructional support
Self-pace learning
Ability to synch videos
Explain Everything
Records on-screen drawing, annotation, object movement & captures audio on the iPad.

Import photos, documents from iWorks (Numbers & Keynote), Dropbox, export files and share with others
Teachers would be able to design dynamic lessons through explaining & presenting activities, assessments, & tutorials
Can be used as a Whiteboard using the iPad2 video display using the Apple TV without paying thousands for a SmartBoard
Resources for Supplementary & Interactive Presentations
Resources for Classroom Management
Effective classroom management is essential to enhance instructional time, teaching, student development & success. Issues with classroom management is a major reason for leaving the educational field.
Creates a unique learning management system for educators that promotes school-wide collaborative efforts.
Student engagement
Group-based learning
Rich data
School-wide collaboration
Help with learning & idea-sharing in or outside the classroom.

Students can help each other with homework, work on reviewing ideas, maintain consistent interactions between students/teachers
Collaborate on projects when working together in class or at home
Teachers can help tutor kids while away from school ("how" & "why" while explaining major topics)
Lessons can be shared by generating a web link & sharing with others
Teachers can keep a record of the lesson and share progress with with parents during parent conferences
Resources for Interactive Learning & Lessons
An app that allows teachers to share PDF, DOC, JPEG, or PPT files by sharing annotations and recording on passages.

Students can take notes on lecture slides
Documents and lessons can be easily annotated by highlighting, underlining, voice recording, copying, and pasting annotations from one document to another
Students can share their work with each other or the teacher by sending files through Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, and Box
Teachers can use this resources to have students summarize passages from variety of subjects
For example, Quran teachers can ask students to read Ayat from English Tafseer and students can annotate the Ayat in order to enrich their knowledge in Islam. Then, students can share their annotations with class their thoughts. As for subject core teachers they can use the tool to enhance students' comprehension skills.
An interactive storybook app that enables young students to create virtual stories
2D characters
Backgrounds, graphics, photographs
Export feature
Story Creator
Combines text, videos, audio, and photos to create a story. Students are able to personalize stories, design fun & intuitive creations.
iBooks Author
A stunning way to share information in the classroom.

In-class projects by writing iBooks where students adding text information, pictures, videos, audio files, Keynote presentations, and even a quiz at the end of the book for a review
Teachers can create mini books and add information on ready to use templates that feature a wide variety of page layouts for students to use at home as supplementary enrichment activity
Can be shared and accessed by students with special needs by using such features as VoiceOver technology, and other widgets or media tools for the vision impaired to used
Can be previewed and then published by sumbitting it to iBooks for download
This can be used in Islamic Studies by making stories and other valuable information using 3D objects, galleries, videos, and interactive diagrams that come to life in ways 21st century students would love and engage in.
Sock Puppets
The app creates lip-synced videos where a teacher can add puppets, props, scenery and backgrounds.

Recording voice
Teachers are able to create conversations by tapping a puppet that will lip-sync the voice
Switching backgrounds allows the puppets to be in different places while animating them
English teachers can integrate this in their lessons by allowing students to write a story and students transform it into puppet show to share with the class as a fun way to learn writing
Islamic teachers can use it when teaching Wudu or an Islamic History lesson.
Frog Dissection
Science is a fun subject due to the different hands on experiments.

Allows dissection come a life in the classroom
More suitable for students in middle-school who are learning about the organ system or organs
Virtual experience with 3D images
Providing dissection tools and voice instructions in order to complete the dissection work
Students can compare human anatomy with frogs
Learnist, Inc.
This app contains information from across a wide range of subjects.

Students can read content straight from people that are experts
Students & teachers can save & share learning from around the web with a couple of clicks from an iPad or iPhone
For example, a student can learn geometry from a real teacher save the video and share it with other students
The goal of the app is to make learning an improved process of learning
An animated videos & presentations that can be used as a warm-up at the beginning of the class by reviewing concepts from the day before, review a concept after teaching, or grab students' attention before starting a new topic. A teacher can add a strip, record voice-over, and add visuals.
This app allows students to learn how to organize, classify information, and expand their writing ideas into written & verbal expression.
Elementary students can create maps
Sort & classify information
Organize projects
Transform diagrams to outlines
Use built in activities to enhance writing, reading, math, social studies, and science skills
After students are done they can share the file with other iPads through Pages, Dropbox, or iTunes.
TED - Ed
Allows teachers to create interactive lessons by incorporating educational TED-Ed videos.
Search for conceptual terms
TED-Ed Lesson Editor
Reliable and resourceful videos
Variety of subjects
For Example
You are a social studies teacher who is teaching your class about Electoral College. As a History teacher I can assure Electoral College is confusing for students so I would feel running out of ideas teaching it. However, you can find a lesson on TED-Ed and incorporate a video in your lesson to show to your class.
The app is a useful tool for fun and effective formative assessment which enables educators to group students based on student responses for further review or collaborative activities. The versatile platform offers many features to support teachers’ unique teaching styles.

Assess and engage with students through laptops, tablets, and smartphones in the classroom
Real time questioning allows for immediate feedback and visualization of results
Providing information regarding the overall class’ level of understanding
Data reports enable teachers to modify lessons and focus on specific needs
From the teacher Dashboard: start a quiz, conduct a quick question activity, review using a space race game, which can be conducted in small groups to enhance student collaboration
Create an out-the-door exit ticket.
Engaging technology in lessons according to students’ unique learning styles

Teachers can upload their lessons
Create lessons from scratch
Use lessons that are shared by other teachers
students connect to ClassFlow and can engage with peers
View interactive lesson content distributed by instructors
Teachers can also create student groups based on teaching needs and send different content to groups or individuals with questions of different levels of difficulty
The resource permits teachers to send interactive lesson content, quizzes, polls, open ended activities to students, and further enables teachers to access and save real-time assessment data for later analysis

An app that can be used during free time or as a reward to allow students to use iPads after finishing work. Elevate helps:

Improve student focus, speaking abilities, processing speed, memory, math skills, and more
Personalized training system that adjusts over time to maximize results
Elevate will improve critical cognitive skills that are proven to boost productivity and self- confidence
More than 25 games that help with critical cognitive skills such as memory, processing, math, precision, comprehension
Detailed performance tracker for teachers to utilize in parent-teacher conferences
Calendar to help students track assignments and stay motivated
Improves specific skills for each individual
Is a website that can be integrated in lessons to create and engage students while bringing lessons to life. Music tends to facilitate memorization and increase retention of academic content. Flocabulary offers hundreds of songs and videos in order

Teach specific content to meet Common Core objectives in English Language Arts, Math, and interdisciplinary literacy practice
Engaging material for Social Studies and Science
Fit curriculum wherever a teacher needs them using a multi-sensory approach of using music, rhythm and rhyme where it is supported by academic research.
Research has shown that Flocabulary promotes vocabulary proficiency and raises scores on state reading tests.
Is a website based, but also offers a phone and tablet application. VocabularySpellingCity offers students a fun way to:

Learn spelling and vocabulary words by playing efficient game-based study of literacy skills using any word list
VocabularySpellingCity can be used in Islamic Studies class in order to enrich students’ vocabulary
English, Math, and Science teachers can use the website and application to help students study spelling or vocabulary words for their subject matter.
Teacher and Student Productivity
MasteryConnect allows teachers to collaborate with educators to share and access Standards-aligned resources
Collaborate with educators across the nation
Pin Resource Tool
Pin Board Playlists
Assessment of student mastery and growth
Common Core ConceptBank
Versatile organization tool for students and educators
Organize ideas
School-wide collaboration
Visually create mind-maps
Brainstorm and plan projects
Export features
iTunes - $4.99
An app that allows teachers to:
Save time with lesson planning
Make learning more enjoyable for students
Search thousands of educational websites

(gathered by teachers and educators)
Teachers can look up links for different core subjects
Allows teachers to save links, write notes to keep for later, and share links with anyone.
Teachers can connect with other teachers who are effectively using technology in their classroom and use forums to learn more.
Gives teachers the ability to visually organize and manage projects:

Creating checklists to keep track of tasks
Posting due dates
Assigning a screenplay
Easy collaboration
Promote interactive activities through group projects
Send notifications about important deadlines and events
Allows students to assign tasks to one another when working on projects to meet deadlines

Helps enhance student and teacher productivity
Social Learning/Learning Management Systems
First Then Visual Schedule
Let's be Social: Social Skills Development
In Conclusion...
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