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3.5 Personal Public Communications


Isabella Shasta

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of 3.5 Personal Public Communications

What is Convergence Media? Personal and Public Communication How did we get there? When one person sees something and then tells someone else and then it spreads. This was the only way to spread information until ...... In the 1700's, America has 3 newsletters. The Pennsylvania Evening Post, Boston News-Letter, and The Pennsylvania Gazette. The only people able to spread information had to be able to afford a printing press. Printing press cost over $2000. So the only people telling the public information were wealthy. Woah! Newsletters! This is the new thing! In as early as 1700's the newspapers looked like this.... As the number of newspapers increased, the style of newspapers differed as well. Since people were made, there was basically only one was to spread news. It was by gossiping. This is the start of the Evolution of Newspaper. Gutenburg invents printing press in 1440! The number of newsletters/ newspapers has increased since 1700's. There are tons newspapers and magazines in America as of now. Gossiping what was the first way people spread information? The printing Press What was invented to make spreading information easier to the public? Pennsylvania Evening Post, Boston Newsletter, and Pennsylvania Gazette What were the 3 newsletters in America in the 1700's? Over 13,000 How many magazines/ newspapers are in America as of now? It becomes more detailed by having more columns also by having pictures. What is the difference as in format between then and now? Growth of Newspaper What is convergence media and how did we get there? The reason newspapers are still sticking around is because newspapers were the most reliable source of information written by the people for the people. That is why it grew from the 1700's to 1800's. In 1800's they looked some what like this... ....and a little like this It looked like this By the 1900's .... And like this... And sometimes like this... Now I have some questions..... about how this all happened! What is the difference as in format between then and now?
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