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Middle School Survival Guide

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on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Middle School Survival Guide

Middle School Survival Guide
By: Laura, Alix, Sara, Ava, and MJ

In this Middle School Survival Guide, we will be giving you tips and advice on how to survive middle school. Our guide will be split into 4 sections:

School Rules
Getting to Class
Don't stop and talk to friends and peers for long in between classes
Get to where you need to be
If there is a traffic jam, push your way through politely
Have a very organized locker
Memorize your locker combination
Never leave food in your locker or else it will smell horrible
Be respectful
Have a good relationship with you teacher
Have a good first impression
Always be on task
Homework/ Organization
Always do your homework
Keep up with it
Use your agenda
Always have an organized binder
In this section, we will talk about;
If you are or see someone getting bullied, tell a trusted adult immediately
Don't be afraid to stand up for yourself
Stay with trusted friends

There are 3 different types of bullying
Don't spread rumors
Give off good vibes
Avoid getting involved in any trouble
Definition: Small groups of people who can be selfish and exclude others.

A close group of friends you trust and are open to others are considered a "good" clique.

How to deal with cliques:
Avoid forcing your way in
Don't exclude others
You don't have to be in a clique to be popular
If you are in a clique, make sure you trust the people around you.
In this section we will be talking about:
Make sure you have good friends you can trust
Be friendly to others even if you don't know/ like them.
Always remember the golden rule
Try not to cause it
Don't get involved
Keep your secrets/ personal issues to yourself
Don't bring family problems to school
Keep the circle of trust with your family
you can talk to your family about how you feel
School Rules
In this section, we will be discussing:
dress code
absence/being tardy

Dress Code
Don't wear inappropriate clothing such as:
See through clothing
Shorts that show the thighs and above...
Spaghetti straps
Tube tops
NO saggy pants or ripped pants
No shorts with leggings underneath
Avoid vandalizing, you can get into serious trouble
Don't encourage other to
You should not mess with anything that's not yours
Vandalism: Destruction of property (exp. peeling paint off the walls, writing on the walls etc.)
Never say bad words
Stay away from people who are meanies :)
Don't let yourself be influenced
Our Interview with Mrs. Bolling
We interviewed our 6th grade counsler Mrs. Bolling about bullying. Here is what she said.
Q: What are your opinions on bullying?

A: "I hate it! If you see a student getting bullied, and you tried to solve the problem and it didn't work, get an adult to help immediately. If you need to talk to me, there are orange sheets on my door in which you can grab, and fill out about the problem. I will not take action or mention your name without permission."

Q: What kind of tips would you give rising 6th graders about bullying?

A: " Come to school with an open mind. Be ready for whatever comes your way. Be yourself. Respect others, including teachers. Be responsible and be organized. And lastly, don't worry."
Q= Question
A= Mrs. Bolling's answer
Absences & Tardiness
Try your best to be at school on time
Don't skip school unless you have a good reason and notify a teacher
Too many tardy slips can get you in trouble
Hopefully this Middle School Survival guide will help you be prepared for Middle School. Make sure you keep our tips in mind through your middle school experience so you can be a successful student. Good Luck!
In this section, we have advice on
* Getting to Class
* Lockers
* Teachers
* Homework/Organization

" I have no special talents, I am only passionately curious."
–Albert Einstein
"Respecting yourself and others is key to success"
– Alix, Ava , Laura, Sara, MJ
"There's love, there's hate,
that's outside the gate,
guarding the way to your heart.

The burning embers,
your hearts defenders,
letting the ones who comfort you in
but pushing the liars off of the end.
– MJ
"There are rules for a reason. DON'T BREAK THEM."
- MJ, Alix, Laura, Sara, Ava
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