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Grammar Presentation

presentation on numbers, italics, abbreviations and hyphens

jimmy w

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Grammar Presentation

Starring: "Hurricane" Samone, George David Chris,
Sam Meilo, and Jimmy Jam Finding Your Way Through Grammar Hyphens (cont.) Abbreviations Abbreviations -Use Latin abbreviations only when acceptable
(footnotes, bibliographies, informal writing)
-I enjoy board games (e.g. Scrabble, and Monopoly). Numbers Numbers -Use numerals for division of plays, addresses, percentages and scores.
Lewisville beat Marcus 48 to 47!
Antony's part is coming up in act 2 scene 1.

-If two numbers are back to back in the same sentence, it is acceptable to write one out and use a number for the other.
Jessica had 2 three cheese enchiladas for dinner. Numbers: Date and Time -When starting a sentence with a number, write it out.
Eight hundred and forty students graduated from LHS in 2009.

-Use numerals for the date and time and when using a.m. and p.m.
I am going to meet Jason at 4:15 p.m. for lunch.
The graduation is set for May 11, 2013.

-Use written words if you are not using a.m. or p.m.
I am going to meet Jason at noon. Finding Your Way Through Grammar Exercise! Hyphens - Compound words
(e.g. mass-produced, six-pack)

- Fractions and compound numbers
(e.g. three-fourths, twenty-seven)

- Prefixes and suffixes
(e.g. all-knowing, self-serving,
ex-husband, president-elect)

- Multi-word adjectives before a noun
(e.g. high-strung; first-, second-, and
third-class tickets) -MLA, CMS: Numbers that are below one hundred are written.
There will be seventy-five people attending the wedding.

-Numbers above one hundred are in numerical form.
Can you believe there were 225 people in my environmental science class?

-APA: Use numerals for every number except one through nine. - Titles before and after proper names
I had a talk with Rev. Lovejoy this afternoon.
I went to the Dr. earlier today. - Don't use unfamiliar abbreviations (Introduce them if you do)
-I'm awaiting a letter from the OCLMA.
-I'm awaiting a letter from the Order of Colonial Lords of Manors in America (OCLMA). -For use with specific numbers
(BC, AD, A.M., P.M.)
-I woke up at 3:00 a.m.
-I got up in the a.m. to shower -Don't use inappropriate abbreviations in formal writing (days, months, states, etc)
I'm visiting NE on Mon.
I'm visiting Nebraska on Monday. Abbreviate numbers when appropriate Italics: print titles Print Materials: everything EXCEPT short stories, essays, and short poems (these go in quotes)
Also, the Bible (including books of the Bible), legal documents and your own titles. Italics: Media Titles Everything except songs, TV or radio episodes, computer software, or your own titles Italics: The Rest Spacecraft, airplanes, ships
Foreign words except for commonly accepted foreign words like laissez faire.
Words, letters or numbers as themselves.

Disclaimer: Font styles may also be used for emphasis, but USE RESTRAINT. - Ambiguous words and awkward double or
triple letters
(e.g. recreate vs. re-create;
anti-intellectual, cross-stitch)

- Ends of lines

- URL and e-mail address breaks
(e.g. Please send the document to yourboss@
yourjob.com; Go to somerandomwebsite
.com) Key: underlined sections = italics ex: NASA scientists expressed no joie de vivre at the big F-word spray-painted on the Discovery space shuttle. The Friends episode, "The One Where Eddie Moves In" features Phoebe singing her new song "Smelly Cat". Facebook just joined the ranks of Microsoft Office and television sets with more than a billion users worldwide. The Constitution and Milton's Paradise Lost both reference a Creator, though both are not based on the book of Genesis. Halo is a significantly better named game
than my own: Jimmy's Super Shootout.
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