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Recruitment Workshop

No description

Claudia Lopez

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of Recruitment Workshop

Recruitment Workshop
1. Who are we looking for???
2. Things we should be doing
•Actively engage every pnm during the whole event- make them feel wanted and welcome, don’t talk to a sister the whole time but do not overwhelm them, no more than 2 or three sisters to an interest but one on one is best
3. Things we should not be doing
There are 6 Bs that should not be mentioned at a recruitment event, they are inappropriate and/or too controversial to talk about during an event – this is an interview so don’t talk about anything you would talk about during one
4. After the event--- after all of the girls have left
•Write down the name of the girl you talked to, and any other information you can remember about her such as interests and major as well information regarding her behavior during the event like if she was rude or polite, uninterested or happy to be there
And Remember...
Yay! Looking forward to meeting the potential baby eagles :)
Participation/ Involvement
Friendly, Nice, Sociable
Ask open ended questions – no yes or no questions, we are trying to get to know them
Don't talk about yourself the whole time-the best way to get to know someone is to let them do most of the talking
Remember their name, what they look like and something else about them (major, hobby etc.)- welcome them back if they come to another event and introduce them to another sister they have something in common with
Use our full name, sigma lambda alpha, not sla
Promote Greek life on campus (as a whole not any one specific other)- greek week it’s a great one to mention
Wear your letters / look presentable but don’t go over the top
Like this lady love of Oreos...
Smile – act like you want to be here
Be polite- we are hosting these events, be a good host
Where a name tag, and make sure the interest you are talking to does too
Make sure the interest has checked in with the designated person who will be keeping track of the girls who come to our events
If you've seen the movie you understand
Asking why can help you get to know the girls better and keep conversation going.
Clinton has an awesome memory
Booze: parties, drugs, or alcohol
Boys: boyfriends or other boys, unless talking about mixers with other fraternities (mixers are not the same as parties since our events are dry)
Bank: how much money you have or don’t have
Barack: politics
Bible: religious beliefs
Backstabbing: negatives about other sororities and fraternities
I couldn't think of a girl that is all three...
Haha Kendrick
Nicole will be the
Assigned person! :)
Further Questions you may ask:

Tell me something...
Treat the girls like Golden Nuggets
Don't talk about our Organization unless they ask!
I will have assessment sheets ready at every event and we will fill them out once every interest leaves.

Ladies these are very helpful to us and everyone will be held accountable for completing them!

Notice they are golden.
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