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Lifestyles of The Roaring 20s

1920s Fashion, and lifestyles.

Sam Taylor

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Lifestyles of The Roaring 20s

Lifestyles of the 1920s 1920s Fashion! Fashion never before had captured as much public attention as it did in the 1920s. Fashion Shows became Popular shops displayed the newest styles in the front windows Fashion magazines started to come out including articles and sketches of new designs Womens Fashion!! clothes should match a womans features for example Brunettes with clear complexion and with colour in their cheeks should wear reds, oranges, yellows, and olive green. Blonds with clear complexion and bright eyes should wear blues, greens, and mauves (purple) Womens Fashion, continued... if they were going on a picnic they had to look at their clothes in natural light
if they were wearing it to a dinner party they would look at it in artificial light. Fashion conscious women had to think about where they were going to wear their clothing. ADVERTISING FASHION! Advertising told women that physical beauty was more important than smarts. Magazines, Films, and Radio told girls that they where in a beauty contest every day and the prize was Marriage Body Body The ideal body shape was... Bare, sun tanned legs instead of stockings Very thin Department stores recommended young girls to wear tight girdles around their chests to prevent breast development. The"BOB" A "bob" was short haircut.
It was started by an actor, Irene Castle, who first wore the "bob"
Women copied their fashions out of films and magazines.
it was seen as an act of rebellion to have short "boyish" hair Story Time Two Student Nurses in Calgary were fired because they cut their hair short This set of a rebellion and more than 90 other Student Nurses cut their hair short in support. Hospitals had no choice but to allow the new hair cut. Because of this new style the demand for barber shops grew substantially. Mens Fashion Men wore suits most of the time, they changed suits often throughout the day.
Short jackets were more casual and a long jacket was very formal.
Trousers were long and straight legged, worn short so the stockings often showed.
For golfing men wore cardigans that matched their socks, checkered pants, bow ties, and newsboy hats. Mens Fashion Continued... Hats were really popular for men, different hats included... Newsboy caps
Zoo suit hats
Fedoras (in various styles)
Straw hats
Top hats (very formal) Purchasing Clothing when buying suits men had to consider where and when they were going to wear them, for example: If a man was going to wear their suit in the evening they would have to try it on in dim light. Mens Fashion That's all there is, there ain't no more.
mens fashion wasn't very big compared to womens, its not that different these days. FLAPPERS!!!! The term used to describe the style young women who had not yet fully developed into womanhood. It involved drastic changes in womens clothing and hair. hair was cut short to make movement easier.
They tried to flatten their chests.
Clothes were more practical (skirts were knee high and dresses were a loose, comfortable fit.) FLAPPERS!!! As was common in that time period the fashion idea of flappers was originated in film. Olive Thomas was the image of flappers and the idea was absurd in that time period It became a very popular style for women. Leisure Time! Pole Sitting was a very common form of entertainment. People would sit for long periods of time on poles, this was a fad! The record for pole sitting was 10 hours!!! Lifestyles Most Popular entertainment were
Professional sports such as boxing, baseball, and various collage sports. Lifestyles The Music Industry was just getting started and Jazz was very Popular. The 1920s is also called the "jazz age" for this very reason! Magazines, books, and cartoon characters were on the rise as well. (Winnie the Pooh was one of the first) Thank You For Watching!! Lifestyles
of the
Roaring 20s http://vimeo.com/10431512 What Made The 20s Roar? Fashion grew hugely in the 20s.
Before the 1920s mens fashion wasn't a big deal, but in the 20s men started caring more about how they presented themselves. Womens Fashion became a big deal in the 20s. women always cared about how they looked but in the 20s there was more variety of styles. Leisure time made the 20s roar because people had fun things to do in their free time. it made the 20s enjoyable! VIDEO!
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