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SLCSU timeline


Holly Guy

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of SLCSU timeline

This is our life
We co-designed our services with our foundation customers
April to Sept 2013
October 2013 to March 2014
1 year
Our first six months...
During this time we...
Gained new business
Our online reporting dashboard from the
ARC team
has reduced the time and effort needed to manually create reports by

hours per month.
Provides better value to customers through efficiencies and allows

real time access
to information
We have introduced new and diverse products...
May 12 to
March 13
We held welcome and induction sessions for all of you
and gained North West Surrey
as a customer
April 2013
At our launch event...
...we promised you
...and you told us
You wanted us to be flexible and adaptable to meet customer and patient needs
Changed our structure to help us work better
Started to think about working with other CSUs
But more importantly we delivered excellent services to our customers
Here are some examples of your hard work:
It all started with people...
We grew to staff
Sussex IT Services
joined 1st October 2013
over staff
"a different business with diverse customers"
Nick Relph
We gained
We grew to
You told us
you wanted to have stability
want to feel supported
need improved communication
You continue to deliver excellent services
Celebrating your successes
We held the first SLCSU awards evening
Employee of the year
"nothing is unachievable
to them"

Being better
"the evidence of their exceptional work is seen across many areas"
Being local
"there is no task they
won't achieve"
Being responsive
...such as Patients in Control and Outcome Based Commissioning
...our customers continue to grow
Reflecting on our journey
Our staff numbers have grown
We have listened to your feedback from our staff surveys:
All of our achievements are due to your hard work...
Thank you!
"always going beyond the call of duty to deliver improved services"
Improving outcomes for patients
"amazing colleague to work with"
unsung hero
"works enthusiastically in developing customer relationships"
Being good value
"[SLCSU have a] proactive approach to designing services"
You told us what behaviours you wanted SLCSU to take forward...
Solutions delivery team
ARC team
Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham MDT
IFR team
Michelle Rahman
Leo Whittaker
Carmel Harrington
"instant messaging is a good idea"
We are piloting Microsoft Lync
"Create a staff recognition scheme"
We have our annual SLCSU Stars staff award nominations
"Lets get some social events sorted"
We organise monthly payday drinks, pub quizzes and Christmas parties
"Create awareness about training and development"
Our Training and Development team have developed guidance on what is available. The team have also carried out lunch and learn sessions.
"Better induction process for new starters"
We run quarterly induction sessions alongside a comprehensive local and corporate induction programme
Being local
Being customer focused
"...they are providing the best service that they ever have done"
Southwark GP practice managers
Be good value
40 hours per month saved
The SLCSU IG toolkit achieved
Be responsive
"Thank you so much for all your hard work and persistence"
East Surrey CCG
Be better
Our SLCSU Stars were...
Solutions Delivery
teams have worked together using
cutting edge technology
to update 15 customer websites and build our website service offering

Delivering 15 websites to industry standard
Sussex IT Team
deployed Windows 7/Office 2010 to
over 2000 PCs
across Sussex Community NHS Trust, Sussex CCGs and GP Practices
Over 2000 PCs updated to Windows 7
Being better
Praise for our
GP ICT team
from customers
Changed 64% of local residents' behaviour
Communciations team
implemented the
Not Always A&E campaign
across 11 CCGs.
of people surveyed were likely to
change how they use A&E
and other health services
Our turnover has grown
From £45mil
To £65mil
22 CCGs
Our customers now include
16 provider trusts
Department of Health, NHS England
(national and regional)
, Local Authorities, NHS Property Services, Public Health England, other CSUs...
...the list goes on...
from 6 to 600
Providing services nationally
IG team
has completed Information Governance toolkits for
9 CCGs
and SLCSU to level 2 or above.

Supporting excellence in commissioning
We launched our website to promote your services to new and existing customers
Guildford and Waverley CCG, East Surrey CCG and Kent Surrey Sussex AHSN
Our Staff Charter was born
You were excited to have the opportunity to be able to innovate and improve
Christmas party
Pub quiz
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