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Main idea vs. supporting ideas and implied main idea

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sarah daniels

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Main idea vs. supporting ideas and implied main idea

Implied Ideas
Main ideas vs. supporting ideas and implied main idea

Main idea example
There are many types of different sodas. Out of all of them there are only two i would choose. Those two are my favorite sodas. My favorites are Strawberry Fanta and orange Fanta. I love those sodas and they taste the best to me.
The main idea is... Strawberry and Orange Fanta are her favorite kinds of soda!

Supporting idea

A closely related reading skill is locating supporting details—the added information you need to make sense of the main idea.
Supporting idea example
The Erie Canal changed the way people moved goods in the 1800’s. The 363 mile canal connected Albany, New York to Lake Erie in Buffalo for the first time. When the Canal opened in 1825, building supplies and goods could be transported quickly and cheaply across New York State. Canal boats pulled by mules carried people and supplies across New York.

The main idea

Testing tips
Three strategies that will help you find the main idea: 1) look for general versus specific ideas; 2) use the topic (the general subject of a section) to lead you to the main idea 3) use key words—verbal clues that lead you to a main idea
Prezi Questions
A main idea is important information that tells more about the over all idea of a paragraph or section of a text.
The main idea will also tell you what the entire story is about. Most of the time you can sum up a main idea in one sentence.
Another way to think of a main idea is the whole reason the story was written.
The main idea often appears at the beginning of a paragraph, though it may appear elsewhere in a paragraph.
Many authors use implied main ideas. It's a way for them to get across to their readers without directly saying what they mean. Instead of providing a topic sentence that expresses the main idea, they omit the topic sentence and provide a series of clues through structure and language to get their idea across to their readers.
Implied main Idea - An indication. It's where something is indicated or suggested without being directly said or explicitly stated.
One way to help find the implied main idea is use the elimination method. Ask yourself if all the sentences in the statement support choice A, B, or C.
Works Cited Page
Implied ideas Example
Radios have been stolen from four cars in our practicing garage this month. Each time, the thieves have managed to get by the parking garage security with radios in hand, even though they don't have a parking garage identification card, which people must show as they enter and exit the garage. Yet each time, the security officers say they have seen nothing unusual

Which best summarizes the statements main idea?
A. There are too many thefts in the garage
B. There are not enough security guards
C. There is something wrong with the security in the parking garage

The answer is "C".
What was the example about that was used for the main idea?
What Was the example about that was used for Implied main ideas?
What were one of the testing tips that we listed?
What was something you found helpful in this Prezi?
What was the video about?
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By:Paulina Gonzalez,Lexie Novack, Sarah Daniels, Mykeil Barnett and Roberto Padilla
The supporting details are the things that describe the main idea.
These supporting details make the main idea stronger.

Find the Supporting Details in this Passage
Supporting Details:
1-The 363 mile canal connected Albany and New York for the first time.
2-The canal boats pulled by mules carried people and supplies across New York State.
3-The canal made a way for goods to be transported cheaply and quickly.
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