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Why you should become a loyalist.

These are the reasons why you should become a loyalist.

Bethany Dowling

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Why you should become a loyalist.

The reasons why YOU should become a loyalist! By: Bethany Dowling Reason 2 Reason 3 The Loyalists reasoning Reason one One reason you should become a loyalist is because of King George III. People are constantly insulting him and he keeps his cool. Before the stamp act people were perfectly fine and didn't want him to leave. So why now? A very small tax for things like newspapers which only rich people who can afford them can pay the tax and a tax on a drink? Oh please. People get hurt out there (mainly patriots) by the British army! Just to get there way out of a small tax! Its unbelievable and its barbarism. People should just deal with a small tax so they don't get hurt for goodness sakes! Its just plain idiotic to die or get seiriousley wounded just to get your way. Its liker being a toddler, they scream and yell just to get their way. The british are very powerful why escape frm someone really powerful? Its not a very smart thing to do really! That's why we stay with the british they have a lot of money and they are very powerful and they have a lot of money with them when we go to war we will have no help either with the war Georgia has the right idea.
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