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Narcotics Anonymous Ethnography Findings

No description

Megan Eiswerth

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Narcotics Anonymous Ethnography Findings

Narcotics Anonymous Ethnography Findings
Megan Eiswerth
What is NA?
Non-profit, for any addict with a desire to recover
Founded in L.A., CA in 1953, branched from AA (Information About NA, 2012)
View all drugs as equally harmful and dangerous
All NA groups follow the Twelve Step Process and the Twelve Traditions of NA
"Just for Today"
A saying that NA uses for getting clean and recovering.
Religion & Spirituality
Spirituality is more important than religiousness
Must believe in a Higher Power of some sort
6 out of the 12 steps mention something about a Higher Power or a God
Each addict is highly encouraged to choose a sponsor
Sponsor has been a member for at least a year
Sponsor helps their addict with anything they need, not just staying clean
Both the addict and the sponsor benefit
Twelve Step Process
Twelve steps in which all NA members must follow in order to become abstain from drugs and retain a clean, healthy lifestyle.
Twelve Traditions of NA
Guidelines in which every Narcotics Anonymous group bases their meetings and give insight into how each meeting ought to be run.
Plastic key chains that are rewarded to an addict after they have achieved a certain length of clean time
Different colors=different lengths of clean time
It is a reward, something to be proud of
Key Tags
"Once you get some clean time and a little bit of recovery, it becomes more of like a way of life. You just take things one day at a time...and one day at a time, things are a lot more manageable."
-quote from interview transcript
Field notes during the first NA meeting I attended
Pamphlets from an NA meeting
Why is NA important?
Get and stay clean from drugs
Accept their past
Become more open-minded
Build true, life-long friendships
Realize it is okay to ask for help and confide in others whenever they need it
Take things one day at a time
Believe in themselves and find hope
It helps addicts to...
Noteworthy Survey Results
100% of respondents see themselves coming to meetings for the rest of their lives
100% agree that being an active member of NA has decreased their chances of relapsing
100% consider fellow members of their NA group to be their friends, not just peers
Clip from Interview
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