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Lesson 2 ECC

No description

Michael Bautista

on 31 August 2015

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Transcript of Lesson 2 ECC

Francisco How to file a claim for
BENEFITS Private sector workers who suffer from work-connected sickness or injury resulting in disability, or their families in case of work-connected death, may file claims for Employees' Compenation benefits at the Social Security System (SSS). These benefits are in addition to the PhilHealth or the SSS benefits. Where to File your EC Claim? It is recommended that the claim should be
filed at the SSS office where the company remits their SSS contributions.

It should be emphasized at the SSS that the claim is for EC benefits. Documents Needed to
Support the Claim 1. A certificate of employment signed by the employer or his authorized representative including description of actual duties and responsibilities performed by the worker at the time of the contingency For sickness claim, pre-employment medical check-up done by the company or in its absence, a certification by the company that the worker is physically fit when hired; For injury claim, accident report signed by the worker's immediate supervisor and by the human resource officer if the accident happened within the company premises. Police Report is needed if the accident happened outside the company premises. For death claim, the following documents are necessary:
a) death certificate;
b) marriage contract;
c) birth certificate of the deceased worker if single;
d) birth certificate of children below 21 years old. [all of which shall be certified true copies issued by
the National Statistics Office (NSO)] 2. A certified true copy of the page of the company logbook containing the entry for the particular sickness or accident;

3. Medical findings of the attending doctor or the hospital records (certified true copy of the original). When shall the EC claim be filed with SSS? The claim shall be filed with the SSS branch within three years from the date of the occurence of the contingency (sickness, injury or death). Forms to be accomplished: All EC claims shall be filed using the prescribed forms furnished by the SSS and endoresed by the employer or his duly authorized representative.
1. For sickness/accident Claim
Employees' Notification (SSS Form B300)
Sickness/Accident Report (SSS Form B309)
Sickness Benefit Application for separated members SSS Form CLD-9A) [if applicable] 2. For Death Claim
DDR Form for Death (DDR-1)
Filer's Affidavit
DDR Savings Account Form
Report of Death (EC Form BPN-105) 3. For disability Claim
Death, Disability and Retirement claim form for disability (DDR-1)
Medical Certificate (SSS Form MMD-102)
DDR Savings Account Form
4. For Medical Reimbursement Claim (after the EC sickness/accident /disability, death, claim has been approved by the SSS)
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