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Elsie Homer

No description

michael zitnik

on 9 November 2015

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Transcript of Elsie Homer

Elsie Homer
by michael zitnik
"My mother could easily take his muscle."-page 37 Elsie is neither scared or intimidated by Homer Sr.
"Sonny do you think you could build a real rocket."-page 49 Elsie wants Sonny to build a actual working rocket.
"I belive you can build a real rocket." - page 52 Elsie knows that by beliving in her son he can get anything done.
"I know you don't know how, but if you put your mind to it, could you?"-page 49 Elsie is challenging Sonny to go beyond his normal abilities and build a real rocket.
"when she smiled it was like a 100 watt light bulb went off."-page 36 Elsie has a beautifully bright smile that is extremly stunning.
"Coalwood is going to die," "deader than a hammer."-page 51 Elsie knows that eventually the mine will run out of coal and the town will be useless.
"I've been saving money up so you can go to college."-page 51 Elsie is saving money so Sonny can escape from coalwood and make a life for himself away from the mine.
"She has big hazel green eyes."-page 36 She has deep eyes that would make anybodys day that looked into them.
"I' like you to go to college."-page 51 Elsie wants Sonny to be out of Coalwood as fast as possible.
"If you would stop working in that hole i would live under a tree."-page 41 Elsie despises the mine.
Elsie is a overall good mother and motivator.
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