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Product Conceptualization

No description

Bryan San Juan

on 21 July 2015

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Transcript of Product Conceptualization

Product Conceptualization
By:Group 2
Develop your own concept of your product or service.Your business location is Garita-A,Maragondon,Cavite(Near at old Petron Gas Station).
Our Conclusion:
all of the business is starting from the first,then if you be creative in your business you can be a great and successful businessman/woman.
1.Identify customers needs
Auto parts
Food and beverages
2.Target specification
Auto parts shop
Vulcanizing shop
Auto repair or radiator shop
Gasoline Station
We come up to this answer by observing the place and we known that the area is:
A high way
Many cars are are using it than the people
Too many "TODA" in this area
Many commuters
3. Analyze a competitive product
They have a different kinds of services in there customers.
They have also a Auto parts shop like tires,bearings,brake fluid,etc
4.Generate product concept
Auto parts
5.Select a product concept
Auto parts
6.Refine product specification
I can be unique to my products like example giving free stickers
Or free repair.
7.Prepare a development plan
Our business plan
1st plan
Buy a parts of the vehicle and tricycle.
2nd plan
Then place it in your store
3rd plan
Sell those parts tp the people then earn some money.
4th plan
Then buy again the parts that you needed.
5th plan
then last ,save some money from your business income.
2nd plan
Get a place that many cars can seen it.
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