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Caught by Gork


kiwi lee

on 8 October 2011

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Transcript of Caught by Gork

Caught by Gork Q: Who was in the story?

What happened?

When and where did it happen?

1. Practise reading the story
with different intonations.
2. Talk about one character
that gives you the deepest impression. King Lam Peters an planet unexplored towards evening King and his team lost their way
and were running out of food. How did Gork look? Did Gork seem to be friendly?
It looked almost human except that
it had a single, huge, red eye. He gave a that turned our blood to ice.
Aliens! Aliens in my cave! How did you get in here? roar roar Homework: space adventure Although we are weak in body,
We are strong in ________ . Gork mind words feelings & personalities Well, Captain, you were wrong about... I hope your plan is a good one, sir. I know who you are. You're aliens and ... Good evening, Mr Gork. My name is Nobody... I have a plan and nobody is part of it. You come in peace but tomorrow you'll...
Trust me. We are all going to live!
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