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No description

anita aline

on 4 June 2015

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the main character in the book is a Seventeen-year-old Lennie Walker, she is bookworm and band geek, plays second clarinet and spends her time tucked safely and happily in the shadow of her fiery older sister, Bailey. . after a month when she returns to school she fell in love with the new guy Joe the musical genus. later on she start to fell for bailey boyfriend Toby because of her grief, and start hanging out.

The setting in this book takes place in Northern California it is written in modern time because their use phones and computer.
setting &conflict
the protagonist in this book is lennie walker when her sister died she meet the new guy and decide to move with her life not the grief.
protagonist antagonist & resolution
the genre of this book is realistic fiction. this book fit it genre because it stories that happen here, and has common problem.
genre & categories
Jandy Nelson, is connected to the book because she live in San Francisco, where she much like Lennie, she write poetry like Lennie.
about the author
the shy is everywhere is about a seventeen years old lennie who live with her grandmother and her uncle big. lennie mother left her when she was a baby.
lennie older sister bailey
died unexpected death, leaving her
tittle of the book & symbolic

adding to her emotion roller coaster is the gorgeous. musically gifted new boy in town who clearly in love with her. Lennie is sympathetic believable, and complex. readers will identify with her and root for hr to finally make the first step toward heeling. nelson incorporates poems.written by Lennies and left for the wind to carry it away, that help readers delve deeper into her heart. bonus teens unfamiliar with wathering heights will likely want to find out what all the fuss is about. a story of love,loss, and healing what will resonate with reader long after they finish reading.
# 1 reviews
the sky is everywhere mean wherever you go and you look up you see a sky.
the symbolic of the book is that wherever lennie goes her sister bailey is watching her.
the conflict is that Lennie likes two guy at the same time one bailey boyfriend Toby and joe. Lennie and Toby start kissing because of their grief when she know that she supposed to be with Joe the new guy who love her and make her forget
Jandy Nelson wrote this book because she had lost someone very close to her. and want to write about that kind of transformation life event. and she also wanted to explore some of complexities of grief, through a love story.
this book does not fit in any other categories
Jandy Nelson lives in San Francisco. she has an MFA in poetry from Brown and other from MFA in writing for children and young adults from Vermont college of fine art
" why can't he just stay away from for one freaking day ? i just want to hang on to this happiness please. i just want to be in love.i want to feel this joy. i don't want to deal with toby, with sorrow and grief, guilt and death. i 'm so sick of death". pg 167
i agree with this reviews because it is true that the new boy in town clearly in love with Lennie. and it is true that nelson incorporates poems wrote by Lennies and left for the wind to carry it away. and it true this troy is about love, and loos and healing.
the antagonist is Toby Bailey because he keeps getting in the middle of Lennie relationship with joe because he can't get over his dead girlfriend bailey
the solution in the book is that Lennie stop seeing Toby and she got back with her boyfriend joe. and Lennie finds out that her grandmother has crush on somebody, her uncle big got married, and she learn to move on with her life not the grief.
" i wish my shadow would get up and wailk beside me". pg 127
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