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BTL: Sales Promotion

No description

Venus 7

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of BTL: Sales Promotion

implement success Powerful Sales Promotion Integrated Marketing Communication
(IMC) Objectives * clear * increase sales * new product - trend/attitude/behavior pick the right weapons How to get cross functional team on board bring your product to life new idea generation organize direction company strategy marketing strategy sales promotion strategy stupid sincere early involvement idea tank resources evaluation pre-test concurrent post-test look feel touch hear smell taste training consumer change market change economy change two-way glocalization trial disc. redeem free gift premium buy 1 get 1 free privilege recognition compliment admire active listening holistic approach note:
too much promotion; tired, costly,
less time, no impact, low ROI brand DNA sample: scientist team in the US who find out
how to do the demonstration... globalization localization encourage budget cut watch this! sharpen the saw sample sets consumer experiences tag line promotional stock campaign log Ad sales promotion PR personal selling direct marketing event display showroom demonstration center seminar (exhibition) training center uniform service packaging mobile vehicle signage internet merchandising licensing manual others - buildings Integrated Marketing Communication
(IMC MODEL) price bonus packs in pack / packs sweepstake, contests continuity program Things change 60s - 90s 2012 consumer feel smart digital era 2000 coaching sharing&caring regular meeting clear communication
(briefing) no pointing fingers success
story starting point designing powerful sales promotions workload rushing issues: exhausted one-way communication FYI no ownership from
cross functional teams adapt * consumer research
- consumer insights story product demonstration half-body test color ruler efficacy equipment
analysis ask questions? - will you buy the product? - will the one you know buy the product? why? - is it help you make decision? why? - will you buy it now or wait? why? - What can you do to improve this? POP complicated campaign turn off focus supporting take away Who? what? Where? When? Why? How? what's your concerns right now? pick the most concern write it down as much as you can... set a reminder on your phone what's missing? what's too much? Sun Tsu strategy 1. unity (Virtue) 2. weather (heaven) 3. geography (earth) 4. leader 5. discipline information plan why are we here? global change we need a new advanced hero... take your action! pick the persons you'd like
them to get involve so what do we do? testimonial
- celebrity "if you don't use sales promotion to
help you close sell....
it would be wasting of time
and money having it
in the first place...
because customer will take it for granted..." * brand building * clearance know exactly what you want! AEC NEXT STEP divergent thinking sir Ken Robinson outdoor activity no real
from mkt more knowledgeable enjoy variety of choices embrace diversity seek 4 new excitement industrial telecom banking providing perception/expectation good taste/clean result/efficacy innovation/relevancy/
easy/friendly performance/productivity speed/stability/
accessibility/convenience interest rate/service/
convenience/no fee test/standard clinical proof/trial/demonstration demonstration/test drive demonstration/expo information/experience Marelo Del Castillo green marketing beyond the product SEO stimulation:
one day workshop (comfort) get their input http://www.mygroupon.co.th/deals/bangkok_en/Anna-s-Bangna-Cake-/716715639 online shopping asia business connect
22 feb 2013 social network blog networking www
.com adwords communication
changes prepare trend setter loyalty persuasive fever gold/trip is a thought process or method used to generate creative ideas by exploring many possible solutions. FTA channel? online event shop public
place right time pre-launch launch post-launch right place! existing new consumer distributor ex-customer product/service food & drink personal care technology experiences logistic insurance in time/reliable be the product of the product! believe no last minutes nation-wide product claims "know thy enemy, know thy self...
a thousand battles, a thousand vitories..."
Sun Tsu idea library what do you see? what do you learn? local work in silo MKT & Sales 70 m 590 m inflation needs change: satisfaction values basic needs stock market life style change try to slow down again highly competitive conflicts technology & innovation high expectation more involvement spoiled free trade theory around 200 yrs ago...
David Ricardo
English economist proactive slow fast water land on wheel online new opportunity let's do something together now! 5 mins information/experience insurance benefit/reliability testimonial marketing intelligence consumer visit affiliate marketing
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