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OPS - Outgoing Preparation Seminar

No description

Soraya Mohamed

on 1 March 2014

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Transcript of OPS - Outgoing Preparation Seminar

How to Create the Most Outstanding OPS
Why OPS?
How to prepare for it
What EPs should be prepared for
What we need to deliver
- Agenda Activity
Additional considerations
Why do we need to deliver OPS?
How should we prepare for OPS?
What do our EPs need to know before going on their TNs?
Prepare EPs for a
Culture Shock
Help EPs
to TNs
Connect EPs to

Consult Materials Resources
myaiesec.net - wikis
Podio - education resource hub
Engage Past EPs
EP Panel
Treat it like a conference
Interactive activities/simulations
Prepare them for the worst
Make it worth their while!
What do we need to deliver?
Start planning ASAP!
"I want to know about Shanghai culture!"
"How do I get a visa?"
"How can I travel safely?"
Agenda Activity
Pros and Cons
How can we make the experience even better?!
Action Steps
Create OC
Set a structure
Create objectives
Attend virtual education sessions
Book rooms (and other logistics)
Plan and implement!
Invite Parents!
Use external websites
like Lonely Planet

EP Care Packages
Maintain Checklist of dates, contact info, links, etc.
Supplemental Events
EP Mixers
Resume building workshops
Mock interviews
Invite externals who deal with cross-cultural communication
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