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Writing Play Scripts

No description

Gemma Cannon

on 12 January 2014

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Transcript of Writing Play Scripts

Features of Play Scripts
1. Setting
You need to decide where your play will be set, then either:

-write a short description beforehand
-OR get the narrator to describe the setting as part of their speech
2. Layout
-Start with your title

-Then write your setting description

-Once you start the main text, you need a new line each time a new character speaks
3. Layout (again)
-Characters name in the margin, followed by a colon :

-In brackets, you have stage directions (
these are often in italics as well

running around stage pulling her hair
) I can't find it! Where, oh where, did I put my magic watch?!
4. Stage directions
-Stage directions in brackets can be used for two things:
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