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France's History

Frances history and timeline

Lily Dorrell

on 13 May 2011

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Transcript of France's History

Frances Most Imortant History Timeline 58-51 B.C. - Julius Ceasar conquered Gual.
Which is now known as France B.C. A.D. 486-511 : A Tribe called the Franks ruled the region.
France got its name from a Tribe that ruled the region.
The Franks. France was named after the Tribe the Franks. 1429 : Joan of Arc lead the french troops
against the English at Orleans. 1643-1715 : Luis X1V, the son king, regns longer
than any other French ruler. In this era,
France gains power though Europe. 1789 : On July 14, citizens storm Bastille, a Paris prison. The French Revolution begins, eventually leading to the end of the royal family's rule. Each year, the French celebrates Batille day. . . . . . . 1840 : Military hero Neoleon Bonaparte crowns himself emperor after leading France to victory over Europes strongest nations. . 1815 : Napoleon is finally defeated in Waterloo, Belgium. . 1836 : The Arc de Triomphe is finished.
It commemorate the victory's of the
Naplenic Empire. . ---------------------------------------------------- . 1903 : Henry Desgrange founds the Tour de France, the worlds most popular and important bicycle race. . 1914-1918 : France battled Germany in
World War 1. 1919 : Versaille, France is the location of singing the Treaty of Versaille, which ends World War 1. . 194o : Germany invades France during World War 2. . . . . . 1944 : After 4 years, Paris is freed from Germany occupation. Gerneral Charles de Gualle heads a provisional government in Paris. 1945 : Britian, France, the U.S. and other allies defeated Germany, Japan, and Italy. 1946-1954 : France loses control of colonies in Southest Asia, during the French Indochina War. 1959 : DeGaulle becomes the Presidant of the Fift Republic. He is realected in 1965. 1962 : After a long struggle, France gives up algeria Africa Frances flag Frances flower- Dancing poppies
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