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No description

Martín Llácer

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Timeline

Everybody Computer Components: The novelty was TRS-80. Three computers type: Apple II(Steve Wozniak) TRS-80 Commodore PET
(Chuck Peddle) Atari 800 joystick Sinclair ZX80 Pac-man Some games of Atari: Laser printer HP LaserJet IBM 3800 Model 1
laser printer Dover laser printer - Gary Starkweather (1971)
- IBM and CANON (competing products) POWER IN YOUR POCKET Bill Hewlett and HP-35 HP-65 Programmable Scientific calculator TI SR-50 "Electronic slide rule"
calculator HP-80 Business
calculator DATABASES Larry Ellison, Ed Oates,
Bruce Scott and Bob Miner Edgar Frank Codd FLOPPY DISK SA-400 5 1/4 inch
floppy disk drive IOmega 100 Zip MB 3 1/2 inch floppy disk Storage on the cheap: diskettes Doing More
With Less
Hardware Dick Pick 1972 Pong 1977 APPLE II Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs New ads to ordinary people Cray Research, Inc 1976 The first wave of portables IBM 5100 portable Scrib portable MCM/70 microcomputer Osborne 1 CP/M designer Gary Kildall John Blankenbaker
with the Kenbak-1
computer Kenbak-1
(John Blankenbaker) What Was The First PC? Roller-Coaster
Ride Atari 70's Time-line of technology •Promoting PCs Apple iMac poster Windows TV commercial As computers went mainstream, so did computer advertising U.S. goverment and IBM VisiCalc software Software: Putting PCs to Work PC users became numerous and there was a demand for new applications The first spreadsheet program for PC The U.S. government adopted IBM´s data encryption standard Stick to What You Know: Infocom and the Perils of Expansion Zork I: The Great Underground Empire computer game Ballyhoo computer game In 1979 two MIT students founded Infocom. Infocom became leader of gaming software by causality, designing Zork I in his free time. Real-Time All the Time Diagram of electronic components in a car Safer braking for one means improved safety for all In the 70's the size of computer devices decreased Microdata's simple Winners of the computer museum's were:
-John Blankerbaker
-Robert Pond
-Lee Felsenstein
-Thi T.truong Nolan bushnell
and ted dabney
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