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Magenta Awards 2011 application

2011. április 15.

Rita Abraham

on 18 May 2011

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Transcript of Magenta Awards 2011 application

Magenta Awards 2011 Application of Magyar Telekom
for Corporate Responsibility category Telekom Voluntary Day
project by Magyar Telekom Telekom - Óbuda University
Voluntary Day 3rd of September 2010 The aim of the initiation To appear in students life in a creative way T-brand building: Telekom is a committed devotee of sustainability and partnership with higher education Óbuda University One of the greatest universities for engineers with 5 faculties and around 11.000 students. Renewal of the gym of Óbuda University The gym is used by hundreds of students of 5 faculties. Our collegues were involved in the voluntary work, together with the partnering students associations. Memento The placement of a slab (Telekom Gym), that bears witness to Telekom Voluntary Day Extraordinary aerobik class - the opening of Telekom gym 6th of September 2010 Room adoption -
2010-minutes football champs
+ press conference 26th of September 2010 Room adoption ceremony Telekom adopted the gym (renewed by voluntary work ) of the university within the frameworks of a press conference. The charter symbolizing the adoption was consigned by Attila Koós, director to József Gáti, chanceller of the university and the representative of the students of the school. Telekom employee
+ hungarian celebs team The members of the team were:
Attila Koós director,
Péter Káldi account manager,
Levente Harsányi,
Attila Katus és
Imre Rakonczai Evaluation Communication Social media was a very important tool to communicate the initiation as our target group included university students too. We used „I will be an intern at Telekom”, and the Facebook pages of Óbuda University to share the pictures and videos of the events. For the 2010 minutes football champs a press conference was organized to show and communicate our committment for sustainability and the Hungarian higher education. Message The main messages of the initiation was that Magyar Telekom as a sustainable and responsible employer considers the strategic cooperation with 10 universities of the country- including Óbuda University- very important An extraordinary aerobik class was organised, with the celebrity trainer Attila Katus in which about 50 students participated. Telekom is a great place
to perform and grow 1st step 2nd step 3rd step
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