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Storyboarding: Prometheus II

No description

Corina Cristea

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Storyboarding: Prometheus II

Starting point Storyboards up to the date Development Inspiration The ending of Prometheus shows us how archeologist Elizabeth Shaw and the android David escapes from the Engineer’s military base by the use of one of their ships, and starts her new quest in finding the Engineer’s home planet and therefore, understanding our creation. This would be the starting point for the sequel I intent to present by the use of storyboards. Starting from the thumbnail storyboards I created bigger, more detailed ones for the next stage of this project. Alien (1979) - Ridley Scott Plot line After some years aboard the alien ship, Elizabeth starts discussing with David their situation. They start arguing about the point of their mission and about faith.

Meanwhile one of the planets in the holographic system lights up, informing them that they are close to the Engineer's home planet.

They start preparing for landing. David tries to navigate between the thick atmosphere which proves to be very difficult and once they get through it they realize they have been spotted somehow. All the buttons on the navigation board light up. Research Storyboard examples Alien vs Predator (2004) - Paul W.S. Anderson Star Wars opening scene - George Lucas Emphasis on the characters was required in order to have an accurate representation of my story. Elizabeth is presented as a older version of herself while David looks still young, with a scar on his neck For further development I plan on researching more on lights and camera angles in order for the shots to match those of Ridley Scott's original movie. Also another scene might be added with the characters seeing the Engineer's home (designing a temple similar to Alien vs Predator) - light: dim, reflected mostly, cold hues

- architecture of the ship: organic and has wrong proportions for humans. Based upon the rooms we see in Prometheus, it should also have artifacts that would emphasize the history of the Engineers.

-character costumes: because the story picks up from the ending of the first movie, the costumes would also be part of the connection between the two.

- camera movements: subtle and continuous if any. As seen in Alien, there should be a very nice flowing movement for the environment shots. Ridley Scott's original Alien storyboards
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