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Charles Goodyear

No description

Tim Huang

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Charles Goodyear

Charles Goodyear
By Scott Huang
Section: Green
The Man who Kept Believing in the Rubber Industry
Early Charles Goodyear
Born: December 29, 1800; New Haven, CN
Death: July 1, 1860; New York, New York

He was born in New Haven, Connecticut, being the eldest of 6 children. He had always played around with rubber when he was younger and was fascinated at it. He had left Connecticut to learn hardware business in Pennsylvania and had returned to CN to open his own hardware store.
The Spark of an Idea
When he was a
, he had always played with
Even though the
industry died, he wanted to bring it
back. He had come up with this
from reading
Because he had not paid some
, he went to
In , he asked his wife to bring him some
for him
to play with.
Since was so sticky, he wondered if he
could add a
to take away that stickiness.
It worked.
Spark of an Idea Continued
To prove that his was the best, he decided to make
and sell
them. But once summer came, they had all
. Eventually, he kept working on it. One time, he had
run out of materials and used an old decorated piece and added some nitric acid with it.
The rubber turned
and he immediately threw it away. A few day later, he had
retrieved it again to feel that it was super
. This was vulcanized , which is
, he had made a new product of and showed it off in a hardware store.
Accidentally, he had dropped it onto a .However, it created
After his discovery, the
was harsh, as the next 5 years, where he moved to Woburn MA. He had only and half-grown for food.
Rubber In Account for Today
During that time period, no one had wanted rubber anymore as it was "outdated". However, today, rubber is seen everywhere. Without Goodyear's invention of vulcanized rubber, many of the things would not have been created. It is sad to see that his invention had been useless during that time period. To see he had a poor life but people now profit from his invention. Goodyear influenced many people to create companies dedicated to make rubber since he showed everyone the true potential of rubber and what it can do. For example, Charles Goodyear had nothing to do with the company Goodyear Corporate although the company was made after seeing what waterproof rubber could do. The company was made 30 years after his death and now look at it; its the #1 rubber making company. Anyways, nowadays, people use rubber for many products that are handy.
Charles Goodyear
Goodyear Corporate
Without Objects made from rubber:
Car Tires: No Cars
Rubber Duckies: Nothing for children to play in the bathtub
Rubber Bands: Only glue and tape to hold things together using household items
Erasers: Pencils and Pens would be similar
Wellington Boots: Rainy days would be even more horrible
Shoe Soles: Walking in shoes would be more uncomfortable
Gloves: No object that could avoid hand contact with something else
Frizbees: One activity gone
Condoms: Less birth control
And many more
Later in His Life
He had lived poorly, having 6 children die in infancy, bad living qualities and being a lot in debt. He was slow on patenting his rubber, leading to someone else named Thomas Hancock to steal his idea and reinvent vulcanized rubber. In the end, he had made an invention that other people take credit for and didn't receive any credit during his time period. When he died in 1860, he was still $200,000 in debt. Gained royalties (money paid to a patentee for using a patent) made his family okay in the end.
but much more durable due to adding sulfur.
Goodyear's grave in CN, New Haven
Goodyear painted by W. G. Jackman
Fun Facts
On July 1, 1860, he traveled to New York to see his dying daughter. When he arrived, he was told that his daughter had already died. Then, he collapsed and died.
Goodyear Corporate was named after him.
Vulcanized rubber was named after the roman god, Vulcan, the god of fire.
One spring, he went to Boston to look up find, only to find none. After not paying a $5 hotel bill, he went to jail and came back seeing his infant boy dead. He was poor so he buried him in a coffin with a wagon.
Out of the 12 children of Goodyear, 6 died in infancy.
He like rubber so much that he wanted everything to be made out of it; plates, musical instruments, had his autobiography printed on it, jewelery and more.
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Images for Rubber used in modern objects paragraph are all from wikapedia
Vulcanized Rubber Used in Modern Objects








=after revising




The Modern Equivalent
Dennis Ritchie is a modern equivalent to Charles Goodyear. Dennis Ritchie created Unix, an operating system for lots of technology. Some technology that use a copy of it are iPhones, Macs and Linuxes. This was not too popular till later years, where he received numerous awards from various people including Bill Clinton. He also created C, which is a programing language. Many later programming languages have borrowed from C to make a new language. However, Ritchie didn't make a tons of money and died with as much money as a upper-middle class person. He is also not recognized for many of his works, meaning that not much people don't even know him.
Venn Diagram of Goodyear to Rithchie
-Made something that was important and copied by others (vulcanized rubber to C).
-Were given multiple awards.
-Most people didn't know who they were and what they created.
-Made something that is now selling for lots of money (vulcanized rubber to Unix).
-Their designs weren't patented.
Was middle classed.
On Unix, he had worked with several people.
Was very poor.
Had worked on it by himself.
Dennis Ritche, 1999
His vulcanized rubber made people want to use that rubber in a way that it could make something new like all the above.
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