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Building your Drone ANIM4477.01 Day 1

No description

Kevin Finisterre

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of Building your Drone ANIM4477.01 Day 1

Work for Pillar Technology as the security practice lead
Just left a 2 year position at Accuvant embedded security
Background in Penetration Testing
Background in Vulnerability Assessment
4 years experience working with consumer grade 'drones'
Lets take a moment... tell me who you are
Who Am I?
In early 80's I drooled over Tower Hobbies catalogs
Became very interested in dirt track vehicles
Would spend time at San Diego RC Raceway
Spent lots of time reading RC Car Action
How did I get started?
Grandparents tell me I had an early affinity for flight
Grew up going to National Museum of the United States Air Force at Wright-Patterson
Also grew up going to National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC
Eventually I looked back to the sky
Kyosho Nexus 30 Nitromethane (fuel) helicopter
Scared the heck out of me
Very complex!
Expensive to crash (even a minor crash)
Fast Forward 15 years:
I buy my first helicopter
with Kevin Finisterre of Pillar Technology
Building your Drone ANIM4477.01 Day 1
post eBay that Nexus 30 funded my first multirotor set
I ultimately decided upon 3DRobotics DIYDrones gear
Got lucky with an unreleased prototype hexacopter
"AC Quad Beta" frame was also purchased
Literally went with the pile of parts route vs. RTF
Inexpensive controller required modification
Tried to kill me at least twice, once depicted below!
Dajiang Innovation Technology Co aka. DJI
After the Flyaway I went Naza-M (v1)
Bumblebee (OEM Naza clone) no GPS
Everyone has seen Phantom & Vision
Flyaway club DB takeover
Colin Guinn (lawsuit)
Colin now works for 3DR
Everyone tries to "catch" DJI
More on 3DRobotics
DIYDrones APM1 & APM2
Ty's flyaway...
Dev practices revealed
lather rinse repeat
Team Sasquatch
Midwest OpenPilot crew
Met on OpenPIlot forums
Main goal: Fun!
All fly OpenPilot gear
Some FPV, LOS, Acro
Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, etc.
What did I want to accomplish?
To use 'drone' automation to help with a security problem
Make use of a specific toolkit as my payload
Killerbee ZBFind tool for finding ZigBee enabled devices
Normally use one USB stick
I had two USB hubs with 16 total devices to support
Found out real quick RC experience IS required
Multiple options on the table prior to my 3DRobotics choice
MultiKopter (really expensive!)
Paparazzi (too advanced)
A.R. Drone (novelty grade?)
Open Source philosophy - Have fun!
Fly it like you stole it!
Intentionally not commercial
Ankers Diydrones Podcast - Make available at cost
All volunteer development
Strict hardware & code quality bias
Tortoise vs. hare. Slow and steady wins!
CC3D & Revo Flight controller hardware
Private testing circles (Atom, GPS, OPLink, etc.)

Sasquatch Labs
Targeted design
Crash Tested designs
Beta Flight testers
Open Source
very strong G10 material
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