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No description

Ben Marshall

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of Gangsters

Gangsters Gangsters are members of a criminal organizations or a gang.

Gangs are sometimes religious.
Gangs are made up of 3 or
more people. Lots of gangsters
are illegal immigrants who have come over from various parts of the world. The stereotypical
gangster would wear... Gangsters are seen as being aggressive and using slang. Hoodies. Baggy Jeans. Trackies Tattoes Caps. chains and rings Trainers, often branded The colour black Hoodies, with the hood up Carry Knives Carry a gun Gangsters are not often in the media
We found in our survey that you
could think of few possible reasons why. They are not in the media because
they appear to be very anti-social and
the tv feel very intimidated having difficult, anti-social people. do you see gangsters getting interviewed? I don't see them in the media
except in movies. if you have i would like
to hear which interview you've seen them in. The media do not like gangsters
because of the bad things they have
done e.g. anti-social behavior. how do we perceive a gangster? We perceive a gangster because of what they wear, their behavior and generally there overall look. how do you perceive a gangster? Why do people join a gang? and sometimes they might carry a baseball bat thank you for watching our presentation
and our drama hope you enjoyed it!
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