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jessica Giesbrecht

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of Initiation

Have you ever felt like you don't belong?
What did you do to try and fit in?
Why did you feel like you belonged?
Did you try to change yourself or your personality?
Why change who you are to make other people happy?
The initiation is about a young girl named Millicent who has just reached high school. She has good friends but has been seen as an outcast for much of her life. Millicent get an invitation to be part of a sorority, and elite group of girls at Lansing High. She feels that she would finally belong somewhere. In order for her to get into the group she must go through a week of initiation doing embarrassing and humiliating tasks, under the control of an older girl already part of the sorority. Millicent knows that she will be leaving behind her good friend Tracy. After going a week of being Beverly's slave getting egged and having to ask people on the bus what they had for breakfast, in her last hour before she finally "belongs" Millicent realizes she doesn't have to be part of a group in order to have friends.
Elements of Initiation
October in the 1930's. She goes to a high school in Lansing Michigan. Millicent is in a dark cold cellar of Betsy Johnson's house.
" the full October moon." pg 198 "the basement room was dark and warm, like the inside of a seal jar." pg198
When daydreaming: her high school cafeteria, the public bus, the drugstore, outside out the school, and outside of Beverly Mitchel's house.
Person v.s. Person- Millicent has to put up with Beverly and the other older girls bossing her around.
Person v.s. Self- Millicent has to decide weather or not to join the sorority and leave behind her friends and her true personality.
Person v.s. Society-Millicent has to deal with the pressures of fitting in and making new friends. she has to figure out what she needs to do to fit in with society.
Person v.s. Person- Millicent has to face Tracy and if she will abandon their friendship to join the sorority.
Millicent-the main character, is initiated into the sorority.
Beverly Mitchell- Millicent's "big sister" Millicent must be her gopher.
Louise Fullerton- Millicent talks to her about getting the initiation.
Tracy- Millicent's best friend, she must abandon Tracy if she wants to be part of the sorority
Herb Dalton- Basketball captain, assigned to talk to Millicent and get her a black mark
Liane Morris- Tells Millicent about all the good things of being part of the sorority
Stranger on the bus- Helps Millicent to realize that she doesn't have to be part of the sorority to have friends
Comparison to Mean Girls
The movie Mean girls and the short story "Initiation" both have to do with fitting in and being cool. Cady in Mean Girls pretends to be someone she's not to get into the Plastics just as Millicent from the short story wants to be part of the sorority. In the end both girls realize that they don't need to be part of those groups to have friends or be cool. If they just be themselves and not give into what other people think they should be like they will be a lot happier.
6 Steps of Active Reading
Highlight important words and phrases
Apply 5 W's
Make comments
Make predictions
Employ P.A.S.T.T.T.
"She could not think of anyone who had ever been invited into the high school sorority and failed to get through initiation time."pg199
"And then everybody would know, even the boys would know, that she was one of the elect."pg 200
" I want you to go up and down the bus asking people what they eat for breakfast. Remember you can't tell them you're being initiated." pg 204
"Millicent broke out into spontaneous laughter. Why, this was wonderful, the way she felt a sudden comradeship with a stranger."pg 205
"There was another thing that bothered her. Leaving Tracy on the outskirts." pg 206
"The other victory would be much harder but she knew it was what she wanted." pg 207
"And how she could still be friends with everybody." pg 207
" And she knew that her own private initiation had just begun." pg 207
Who: Millicent
What: her thoughts on if w=she should join the sorority.
When: In October around 1930.
Where: In Lansing Michigan And the high school there.
Why: She received an invitation to be part of a sorority.
Initial situation: Millicent has to face the pressures of trying to fit into high school.
Trigger indecent:She is invited to join a select group of girls in a sorority.
Rising action:If she joins the sorority she must leave behind her best friend Tracy. In order to get into the sorority she must go through initiation and do many embarrassing things. She must decide if she should change herself in order to be part of a group of girls that exclude everyone else.
Is it worth it to change ourselves and our personality, leaving behind good friends, just to be considered cool, or feel like you belong.
Make Connections
I feel that Millicent made the right choice to not join the sorority because she stayed loyal to her friendship with Tracy. She also is proving a point to the girls part of the sorority that their club isn't all that everyone thinks about and that there is more to life then being cool.
Tracy will be grateful that Millicent is not going to join.
The girls in the sorority will be shocked that she no longer wants to be a part of it.
Millicent will have a better and more friend filled high school experience since she is no longer going to have to exclude people.
All over the world teenagers and adults are excluded because they are not good enough or are. Then because they feel they don't fit in they change themselves to try to fit in. I think that the world needs to change this and become more accepting of people.
Purpose: to show you shouldn't change yourself to fit in.
Audience: Teenagers starting high school or who are in high school finding their place in life.
Subject: Adolescence, fitting in, finding your place
Theme: You don't need to change yourself to fit in.
Thesis: Millicent proves to herself that she can have friends without having to be part of the sorority.
Best Answer
Why do people feel the need to change themselves?
Describe Millicent.
How does getting left out make you feel?
What can you do to be less like the sorority?
Millicent, when she decided to not join the sorority.
Sylvia Plath
the sorority: symbolizes being cool in high school, every girl wants to be part of it and only some get invited.
Straight hair and no lipstick: symbolizes that the girls are going through initiation, and everyone including the teacher would know they had gotten invited. "Tomorrow she would come to school, proudly, laughingly, without lipstick, with her brown hair straight and shoulder length, and then everybody would know." pg 200
Climax: When Millicent decides she doesn't want to be in the sorority.
Falling action: Telling the other girls she no longer wants to be part of the sorority.
Resolution: She realizes she doesn't have to be part of exclusive clubs to fit in or feel like she belongs.
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