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e coli

No description

waleed tahir

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of e coli

E-Coli E-Coli is very dangerous but some are
friendly bacteria because the break down
food and help you digest food. Bad E-Coil are harmful. It can make you sick and can also
cause death if you are very young or very
old or if your immune system is weak. It
attack's red blood cells. It can
cause diarrhea & hepatitis. Is it harmful? Common sources
of E-Coli E-Coli (Escheria- Coli) is a bacteria that can only be seen by a microscope. Manure used in farms
E-Coli contaminated water used for
Polluted water runnoff from land
transfer fecal
material to waterways
Leaking sewer pipes
Waste water treatment plants Escheria-Coli normally live it the intestines of healthy people and animals. Most varieties of E-Coli are harmless but a few particularly nasty strains such as E-Coli 0157-h7, can cause sever abdonimal cramps, bloody diarrhea and vomits. Prevention Cook ground beef fully at high temperature
Wash fruits and vegetables properly
Drink pasteurized milk and juices
Wash hands often and properly especially after going to the washroom It is not baised as these articles
are worst case scenarios. It is
important for our own and others
health to be cautious and fully
aware of causes, symptoms and
prevention of E-Coli. You may be exposed to E-Coli from contaminated water or food. especially from raw vegetables and under cooked ground beef. Healthy adults usually recover from infection with E-Coli 0157 within a week, but young children and older adults can developa life threat from kidney failure. www.usawaterquality.org/volenteer/ecoli/
www.googleimages.com/ecoli/diagram/cell WEBSITES Faaiz
Islam &
WALEED Done by
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