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OU Internet

No description

Group Internet

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of OU Internet

Oakland University Internet
Wireless Internet
Social Media
Cyber Bullying
The act of harassing someone online by sending or posting mean messages, usually anonymously
Cyber Bullying Defined
Occurs in middle school and in high school most often
but does occur in college too
“is an easier and safer method of bullying for the instigator as they can hide behind their user names and, even for those who eschew their anonymity, there is no danger of a physical retaliation.”
Cyber bullying...
(O'Connor, 2012)
Increased use of drugs & alcohol
Lower grades
Lower self esteem
Lower self confidence
Are there any differences between cyber bullying in high school versus in college?
High School
Bullying not tolerated
Administration not involved
Face suspension, expulsion, etc.
No punishment
Many tactics used
Many tactics used
Devastating effects
Devastating effects
Same crime,
Different punishments
What YOU can do to STOP cyber bullying
What YOU can do to PREVENT cyber bullying
Do not contribute to or encourage the bullying
Tell an adult
Do not be a cyber bully
Tell your school about it
before you
Do not leave your phone laying around unlocked
Do not tell your passwords
Do not take inappropriate pictures of yourself
Password Theft Lockout
Cyber Stalking
Pornography Inclusion
Gaming Harassment
Images & Videos
Image Dissemination
Website Creation
Polling Booths
Bash Boards
Happy Slapping
Text Wars
Malicious Code
Warning Wars
Cyber Drama
Screen Name Mirroring
Instant Messaging
Have respect for yourself and others
Primary Research
Two surveys were conducted to see the effects of cyber bullying on Oakland University's campus
The expected result was that those who were cyber bullied in high school would continue to be cyber bullied in college
The two surveys only differed by two questions
Females vs Males
27 females participated

10 males participated
All that answered yes were girls!
86% cyber bullied for an extended period of time
Age at which victims were cyber bullied
Ages coincide with middle and high school
Do you know someone that is a victim?
Did you report the cyber bullying?
Are you a cyber bully?
All girls... again
Girls use the internet to bully
Guys use the traditional method

Highest age bullied at was 17 therefore..
Cyber bullying is not a pressing issue on Oakland University's campus

Studies more effective at middle and
high schools
How the internet works
Oakland University's Internet Specifications
Oakland University's internets on campus
Wired Internet
University Network
Wireless internets
Oakland University's internet for dorms and student apartments
Wireless Internet defined:

Wi-Fi is “a wireless local-area network (LAN) uses radio waves to connect devices such as laptops to the Internet and to a business network and its applications” (Cisco)
How does it work?
"A computer's wireless adapter translates data into a radio signal and transmits it using an antenna” then “A wireless router receives the signal and decodes it. The router sends the information to the Internet using a physical, wired Ethernet connection” (Brain, Wilson & Johnson)
In order to gain information on making changes to the internet at Oakland University, I conducted a survey that was taken by students who attend Oakland University. The survey allowed me to find out how students actually feel about the internet. I had 30 Oakland University students take my survey over the time period of a month. The age of the students taking the survey is between 18 to 21 years old.
What upsets you most about the internet at Oakland University?
Ways to improve the internet at Oakland University
Increasing the server size
Increasing the internet speed
Having more access points to the internet
Public Hotspots
While connected to a public hotspot, “Every request from a device goes via an access point, and only then reaches the sites that users want to visit” (Public wifi hotspots)
“Global public WiFi hotspot numbers are set to grow from 1.3 million in 2011, to 5.8 million by 2015, marking a 350% increase in just four years” (Wireless Broadband Connection)
Many public places provide complimentary wifi for free or have it to purchase too.
Wifi is availiable at most restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, airports, etc.
Hacking wifi servers video
Logging into public wifi causes easier way to get hacked
Hackers can access you account information from banks, social medias, etc. while being logged on
How Wifi connection works
Being connected to wifi helps use less data usage on your cell phone
Why allow wifi in schools?

Wifi in the universities and colleges, able to access things faster
Wifi in the elementary, middle and high schools, students are able to use it to participate in online activities
A high school says it helped improve their graduation rate
Learning levels improved by doing online activities
Oakland University Wifi
Primary Research Questions
5 questions given on Survey Monkey
Do you live on campus?
Are you satisfied on Oakland’s wifi?
Do you think for the price you pay in tuition that you should have better wifi?
Does it frustrate you to have online assignments due and you can’t do them because of the poor wifi connection?
Should the school invest in better wifi?

17 student participants
Do you live on campus?
17 Yes 0 No
Are you satisfied on Oakland’s wifi?
0 Yes 17 No
Do you think for the price you pay in tuition that you should have better wifi?
17 Yes 0 No
Does it frustrate you to have online assignments due and you can’t do them because of the poor wifi connection?
17 Yes 0 No
Should the school invest in better wifi?
17 Yes 0 No
Poor Connection
Unsatisfied students and staff
The Change
Oakland University should provide stronger and better wireless internet for their students
Look into better wifi server companies to improve this issue
Needed for online assignments such as ALEKS, Connect, etc.
Poor wifi Frustrates students and staff
(Nuccitelli, 2012)
Brain, M., Wilson, T.V., & Johnson, B. (2001). How wifi works. Retrieved from http://computer.howstuffworks.com/wireless-network4.htm

Cisco. (n.d.). What is a wireless network?: The basics. Retrieved from

Tyler Clementi, freshman at Rutgers University
Roommate took video of him and another male kissing
He committed suicide three days later
(Cornwell, 2012).
(2013, October 12). Public wifi hotspots ripe for mitm attacks. Retrieved from http://www.infosecurity-magazine.com/view/35023/public-wifi-hotspots-ripe-for-mitm-attacks/
(Clinton, 2010)
(Rice, 2014)
Clintron, R. (2010). Gossip on steroids: Cyber-bullying, stalking, harassing. Women in Higher Education, 19(7), 18. Retrieved from http://www.wihe.com/
Cornwell,P. (2012, February 23). Cyberbullying remains an issue on campus. USA Today College. Retrieved from http://www.usatodayeducate.com/staging/
Nuccitelli, M. (2012). 2012 cyber bullying tactics. The Forensic Examiner, 21, 24. Retrieved from http://www.theforensicexaminer.com/
O’Connor, S. (2012, December 17). Cyber bullying: The incurable online virus? Irish Medical Times. Retrieved from http://www.imt.ie/
Rice, C. (2014). Protect yourself from cyberbullying. Retrieved from http://www.collegexpress.com/articles-and-advice/student-life/articles/college-health-safety/online-exposure-protect-yourself-cyberbullying/
Smith, J., Yoon, J. (2013). Cyberbullying presence, extent, and forms in a Midwestern post-secondary institution. Information Systems Education Journal, 11(3), 52-78. Retrieved from http://www.isedj.org
(2014) Informa http://www.informa.com/Media-centre/Press-releases--news/Latest-News/Wifi-hotspots-set-to-more-than-triple-by-2015/
My portion of the website:
What is social media and networking?
Social media is the interaction among people in which you create,share, or exchange information and ideas within an online community and network

Different Types of Social Media
- an online social networking and micro blogging tool that enables users to send and read 140 character text messages called "tweets"

An online social networking service that allows you to connect with friends and family by creating profiles to send messages and upload photos
Who uses social media ?
College Students
Titus, A. (2009, February 18). How the Internet Works in 5 Minutes. Retrieved from youtube.com/watch?v=7_LPdttKXPc
Primary Research
How we can help fix the problem

Many things effect your concentration on a daily basis
The ability to focus on a task at hand becomes difficult with the world around us
College students in particular are exposed to many distractions
College Distractions
course work load
financing your education
living away from home
roommate issues
The presence of these social media networks, laptops, and cell phones, lead students to become distracted and lower their student success and focus
is a fun and quirky way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures
Research has been found that among Facebook users in particular,94 percent of teens and 67 percent of adults.
Twitter is one of the most popular networking site among students ages 18-29, among this age group who had 1 or more social networking site used Twitter as their main site

Age Breakdown of Social Media Users
Between: 13-18 years of age
Between: 18-29 years f age
89% of users
Between: 30-49 years of age
Between: 50-64 years of age
Between: 65+ years of age
Surveys were given to asking if social media affected their studying, 22 participants volunteered
Some of the questions asked
Has social media had a positive effect on your college life?
Do you visit social media sites while studying?
Does social media effect your ability to get work done?
Has social media and networking ever affected your grades?
Have you ever used social networking sites to get work done?
Has social media had a positive effect on you college life?
22yes, 0 no
Do you visit social media sites while studying?
17 yes, 5 no
Does social media effect your ability to get work done?
17 yes, 5 no
Has social media and networking ever affected your grades?
14 yes, 8 no
Have you ever used social networking sites to get work done?
5 yes, 17 no
Students who spent more time browsing social networking sites instead of working were less focused are more likely to have a lowered student success
Have a strategy
Turn off notifications
Create a time limit and deadline for media usage
Fewer tabs on your browser could strengthen you focus
Students were asked to provide the GPA anonymously, how many social networking sites they had, and how many hours spent a day on these sites
Retrieved from:
Junco, R., Heiberger, G., & Loken, E. (2011). The effect on Twitter on college student engagement and grades. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, 272, 119-152.
Retrieved from:
Retrieved from:
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