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Catching fire

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Nick, Viri, Miriam,Carolina, Jacob Catching Fire Welcome to the Arena! Survival of the Hunger Games: Life inside the Capitol: The Life Before the War In the Hungers, your opponets will show no mercy when face to face in the isolated arena. The games is probably the best at making people go crazy as they try to fight for their lives. Surving in the Hunger Games is like being thrown in a cage with a tiger, it is unpredictable and threatning, you have to watch your steps before you take your last. The key in surving arena is looking at your surroundings, this helpful because when the tributes are ready to fight to the death they panic and run off not knowing where they are going is very critical in decision making. But anything is possible so watch your back! Life in the Capitol maybe normal to the citizens in the city but it can be a little bit creepy and weird for the outer districts in Panem. In the Capitol, it is a rich life style as the locals bet there money on a tribute hoping they will win in the games. There isn't really any fear in the inside as they have full controll of the districts which really makes them more advanced and have much bigger technology. Before the Captol was this fancy there was a war in Panem. The war was very bloody and it hurt the trust between the separate districts l is and Capitol, but for now it looks like the Capitol is the victor but not for long. Life before the wa very hard tor of Panem is visualize as both districts and the Capitol treat each other very poorly. Before the blood bath it was probably almost like it was today but something corrupted the government (Capitol). This caused the states (Districts) to go crazy as the government went full on power so the states began to rebel against thw whole government which made them think that the states are comminting treason, so the cold war began as the capitol when all out guns blazing. The arena is full of surprises! As the teens from the poverty districts come to battle, caused by the capitols rage and revenge of the war of Panem as the capitol succeeded into defeating and trapping the 13 districts. These competitors are forced to battle each year and only one comes out alive and as the survivor. The winner of the Hunger Games will be given a fancy care-free life. The Arena: Despite the arena's beauty, this attraction is a death trap. Don't be fooled! Don't be deceived by a look of wonderful plants, calling your name to eat it. It is poisinous and it will end your life, which will make you take you last breath. Even though the arena can be deadly it does have its advantages. Without the arena the Capitol probabl would just have th tributes fight in some kind of area which is desterted and does not have any resources. Capitol: Here in the capitol things are totally different than the districts in Panem. The capitol is full of peacekeepers that can hunt you in a heart beat if you don't follow the rules and expectations. The Captol is the reason there is a Hunger Games because of the great war between them and the districts, when they won the war the Capitol puished the districts by having two kids from each district to participate in the bloodthirsty battle of the century. District 12: Here is one of the poorest places in Panem, the coal mining district. In District 12 supplies are very scarce due to its poor enviroment and resources. When District 12 attends the Hunger Games, the tributes rarely win because of the lack of nutrience. Even though District 12 is very poor and almost desterted as the people are inside protecting from the coal's smoke, the citizens are full of hope that someday something great will happen to change Panem forever.
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