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Copy of 5th Grade Human Growth and Development

No description

Melissa Hanson

on 22 May 2017

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Transcript of Copy of 5th Grade Human Growth and Development

5th grade
Human Growth and Development
Making a Baby

What You Are Going To Learn...
Class Overview
My Expectations
Please, DO NOT be afraid to ask questions. We want you to ask questions. This all new information. You will have the opportunity to write down any questions you have on an index card.
Be respectful of your peers. We ALL have or will experience this change so be sensative. We are in this together. EVERY body will go through this whole process.
No personal stories or questions.
We are going to use school appropriate language and medical terms for our body parts.
"All these changes just mean you are starting to grow up."
As you grow up, your body will start to change.

This is TOTALLY normal and healthy
You will start to notice a change in how your body
and how you

Each body is different but this whole change starts between the ages of 9 to 14.

Each person will grow at their own pace but girls usually start to grow about two years ahead of boys.
Lesson Agenda
Stages of Puberty
The physical changes of puberty happen in different stages. Every body will experience these changes, but it will happen at different paces.

What is the purpose of the puberty and the reproductive systems?
Emotional Changes
1. Your feelings may start to change.

What kind of "changes" am I talking about?

2. Your emotional changes are coming from a hormonal change in your bloodstream.
You have NO CONTROL over this.

3. If you feel like maybe you cannot control all your emotions....that is OK!
Female Reproductive Parts
Menstruation is a healthy part of the female reproductive cycle.

It is usually a 28-day cycle, but is different for everyone. Some girl's go longer, some go shorter.

A girl's period is when they lose the inner lining of your uterus at the end of a 28 day cycle. It looks like blood.

Remember, ALL young girls, teenagers, and women experience this.
The Cycle
Having Your Period
Your period will usually last about 3-7 days.
It probably will not be regular when you first start to get your period (that is normal).
You will lose a small amount of blood.
You may feel a crampy sensation in your stomach. But, it shouldn't hurt too bad.
When Will My Period Start?
Usually between the ages of 10 and 16.
Your period will start about two years after your breasts develop and soon after you start to grow pubic hair.
After you start getting your period you might start to notice a clear vaginal discharge (this helps keep your body clean and healthy).
What Are Cramps?
Aches in the lower abdomen or along the inner thighs.
Cramps will usually happen when a girl has her period or right before she gets her period.
What can I do if I have cramps?
Take a warm bath
Hold a heating pad on your lower stomach
Ask an adult about possibly taking a medication to help
How do I take care of my body when I have my period?
Use Protection
Worn on the outside of your body, in your underwear

Many different kinds, it all depends on the heaviness of your period and body size.

Wings provide extra protection

Change frequently!
Used on the outside of your body, in your underwear.

- When your period is light.
- As a backup to a tampon.
-In between your periods to absorb any vaginal discharge.
How To Use a Pad and Get Rid of It...
How To Use A Pad

1. Pull off paper strip or wrapper.

2. Attach sticky part securely to center of underwear.

3. For wings, peel off paper strips and wrap around the sides of the underwear.

How To Get Rid of Pads

1. Remove from the underwear and fold it up.

2. Wrap it in tissue or toliet paper.
3. Place the pad in the trash.

4. DO NOT flush the pads down the toilet- they will clog it.

5. Wash your hands!
Personal Hygiene
Your body will start to produce more sweat
which means more body odor!

Bathe/shower every single day.

Shampoo your hair and use soap to
wash your body head to toe.

Control underarm odor and wetness
with deodorant and antisperspirant.

Change your clothes!
Skin Care
Oil glands in your skin become more active.

Oil and dead skin cells can lead to acne. As can changing hormones

Cleanse your skin and wash your face... especially if your wear make-up.

Do not worry- acne is a normal part of puberty and steps can be taken to reduce it.
Keeping Your Body Healthy
Stay active- exercise!

Eat healthy foods

Take regular showers
and baths.

Brush your teeth!

Be safe!
Who Can I Talk To?
Family members

Teacher or School Nurse


Trusted Adult
Shower/bathe everyday?
Wear Deoderant everyday?
Wash your face every night?

As you get older you need to start doing these things more often!
Inserted into the Vagina and worn on the inside of your body.

Many different kinds and sizes. It all depends on the heaviness of your period and body size.

Change Frequently to avoid toxic shock syndrome
Day 1-

1. Expectations
2.The Circle of Life
3.The Male Reproductive System
2. Sperm
3. Fertilization
4. Questions
Boys Reproductive Parts
The Menstration Cycle (Periods)
Human Growth & Development
What's it Mean?


A human being, a person as distinguished from an animal
The process of increasing in physical size.
The process of developing or maturing physically, mentally, or spiritually.
Grow or cause to grow and become more mature, advanced, or elaborate
What do you already know?
Some of these things are correct...but some could be wrong. The next 2 days we will discuss all of your questions!
Think of your questions. How many do you have?
Probably a lot... but try to count them.
Tell your neighbor your #

Puberty Event
Age at which it happens

Growth of breasts 7-13
Growth of pubic hair 7-14
Body Growth 9 - 15
First Period 10 - 16 1/2

Underarm Hair- 2 years after pubic hair shows up
Acne - Around the same time as underarm hair

Remember, puberty is not the same for everyone, so some girls will grow pubic hair before they develop breasts, and that is absolutely normal.
Puberty — it's a crazy time. Your body's changing, and so is everything else.
Major Physical Changes

Pubic Hair
Growing Taller
Hips Widen
Pubic Hair
Underarm Hair
Physical Changes

Breast development starts with the flat area around the nipple (areola) becoming enlarged and some breast tissue forming under the nipple.
When breast development is complete, each breast is distinct and the areola no longer appears swollen.

Breast size varies from woman to woman.
There is no way to try to make your breasts larger or smaller other than going through plastic surgery, which is not always a very safe or healthy alternative
Pubic hair starts along the outer opening of your vagina . The hair becomes darker and coarser and grows like an inverted triangle. Sometimes, the hair spreads to the insides of thighs, as well.
Pubic Hair
Puberty also causes you to go through a growth spurt, which results in an average growth of about 3.5 inches a year.
Your head, hands, and feet are the first things to grow.
Then you grow in your arms and legs, and finally your torso and shoulders catch up with the rest of your body.
Height growth is of course accompanied by an increase in weight. This weight gain is perfectly normal and a part of puberty.
Without gaining this weight, you cannot grow taller, develop breasts, or get your first period.
Finally underarm hair begins to grow, and your sweat and oil producing glands also start developing, which eventually results in acne when these glands are clogged.
In order to avoid breakouts, you should wash your face twice daily. If you still regularly break out, you may want to speak to a dermatologist.
Day 1
More to come...
Let's talk about questions!
What did we discuss yesterday?
We will discuss

Because girls were made to carry a baby...they must have a menstrual cycle every month!
What questions
do you have?
Having A Baby
The only way to make a baby is with...
An Egg (from female)

Sperm (from male)
Once an Egg has been fertilized the development of the fetus begins...
Pregnancy & the Development of a Baby
Pregnant for 9 months or 40 weeks
Through sexual intercourse
First Trimester
Second Trimester
Third Trimester
1-12 weeks
13-28 weeks
32-40 weeks
How do you have twins?
Unlike the single baby, this fertilized egg cell will split into two separate embryos, and grow into identical twins. This remarkable event takes place during the first week after fertilization.
Fraternal twins are definitely influenced by the mother's genes. Here's why:

When the mother of fraternal twins ovulates, sometimes her ovaries release two egg cells for fertilization. Typically, only one egg cell is released during ovulation.

During conception, both of these egg cells become fertilized by two different sperm cells, which is why fraternal twins don't look exactly alike. Sometimes they're not even the same sex.

Here in the uterus, you can see that the twin embryos develop separately each having his or her own chorion, amnion, and placenta.
Growing up...
As you get older...you start becoming more independent.

With independence comes choices...

You NEED to make responsible choices especially in the area of intamacy and sexual experiences.
Just because your able to have a baby....does not mean you are READY to have a baby.
With a baby comes A LOT of responsibility!

**Teen Mom**

Think about everything a baby requires
Asking Questions...
Asking questions is a normal part of learning.

Do not be afraid to ask your questions about HG & D even if you think they are silly.

*People you could go to?
*Peer Pressure


*Make healthy Safe Choices
Identical Twins
Twins are concieved
the same way as a single baby.

-Get out your Giggles!
Day 2
1. Growth and Development
2. Questions
Fertilized Egg
Every month a girl releases an egg from her ovary during her menstration cycle. This egg travels through the fillopian tupe, and if the girl has sexual intercourse during that time a sperm, from a boy, can combine with the egg to start the process of a baby being created.
Human Reproduction
All species of organisms MUST reproduce to survive.
Did You Know:
243 Babies are born
EVERY minute!
The Circle Of Life
Every human will go through
these stages in life
Human Growth & Development
Miss Hanson ( Edited from Mrs. Colling )
Reproductive Parts
Males and Females have reproductive organs to make it possible for them to reproduce.

Today we will learn about the female
reproductive organs.
You have
the option
to read with me
or independently
(pgs 4-13)
Day 2
What did we talk about yesterday?
Let's start with
Questions from
1. Male Reproductive Organs
2. Sperm
3. Male Changes during Puberty
4. Questions
It Takes Two

The Egg
(from the female)

The Sperm
(from the male)
2 special cells to make a baby!
Reproductive Purpose!

Each male and female
reproductive organ is designed specifically for
its own purpose in making
a baby.
internal fertilization to house a baby
sperm production & fertilization
Take a closer look: Sperm
Sperm is what it takes to fertilize an egg. The male reproductive system creates sperm in fluid form (semen). This liquid is deposited into the vagina during sexual intercourse, which will then connect with an egg in the female.

Males produce over 300 million new sperm each day!
Fun Fact
The process of the sperm traveling through the vagina.
The goal is to meet up with an
egg so that fertilization can begin, and new baby can start forming.

Let's Review: What did we talk about yesterday?
Let's Review
Today's Agenda
1. DNA
2. Fertilized Egg
3. Twins
4. Question
Who do you look like?
Who you look like comes from your heredity.
Heredity- The passing of traits from parents to child.
Let's get to
questions from
0-18 months old
What did we discuss yesterday?
28-40 weeks
How does a baby survive INSIDE someone?
Amniotic Sac & Fluid
A thin but tough sac ( a pair of membranes) that holds the baby & the placenta until it is born. The purpose is to cushion, support, and keep an even temperature for the baby inside its mother.
After the egg attaches to uterus wall it starts to grow. The placenta organ also is formed at this time and starts to grow along with the baby. The purpose of the placenta is to provide nutrients and oxygen from the mother, and eliminate waste products.
Umbilical Cord
This is a cord attached at the babies tummy, (belly button), to the placenta. Delievers all the nutrients and blood the baby needs to survive.
The mother is the key provider of all nutrients to the baby. Whatever the mother eats the baby recieves, so a healthy diet is important while the mother is pregnant is important.
Although childbirth can be very uncomfortable you get a beautiful baby at the end of it!
Your "water" will break and this is one of the first signs of childbirth.

Contractions may already have started at this time.

Contractions are the muscles surrounding the uteran wall pushing the baby down to come into the world.

These can be quite painful, but sometimes women will choose to get an epideral during this time.

Contractions can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 24 + hours.
Growth and Development
When does puberty begin?
Puberty is the time period when the body's reporductive organs begin to develop and mature.

This is VERY different for both boys and girls!
-Begin between 12-14 yrs
-Complete by 18 yrs

-Begin between the ages of 10-12 yrs
-Complete by 12- 19 yrs

0-18 months

In the first year of life, infants depend on others for food, warmth, and affection, and therefore must be able to blindly trust the parents (or caregivers) for providing those.
2-12 YEARS
During this stage you learn so much!

Let's Break it Down...

By the time you are 3 you will learn to walk, talk, do things for yourself, and will also develop self control, & self-confidence.
Early Childhood
(3-6 years old)
A this stage children learn how to achieve a
between eagerness for
adventure and curiosity
, and becoming more
. They are learning to
control impulses
and childish fantasies.
Elementary years (6-12 years old)
School is the most important event at this age! Learn to make things, use tools, aquire skills to be workers and potential providers. Meanwhile transitioning from a world of home to a world of peers.
Puberty or Adolescence
12-18 years
Miss Hanson
- Male Reproductive System
- Male Body Changes
- Developmental Stages
Mrs. Myers
- How a baby is formed
- How a baby grows in the womb
Ms. Trautmann
- Female Repoductive System
- Female Body Changes
What is Sperm?
Sperm is the
sex cell
that contains the genetic information to be transmitted by the male,

Semen is fluid discharged at ejaculation from the male during intercourse. The sperm cells are within the Semen.

Sperm is produced in...
Male Reproductive Vocabulary
- penis
- testicles (2)
-prostate gland
Did you Know:
The male reproductive system is
completely external while the female reproductive system is completely internal!
Lets take a
closer look at
The Male Reproductive System
image coming...
The Testicles
The job of the testes is to produce millions of sperm cells and also to make male reproductive hormones. The hormones are what make you attracted to someone else.
The job of the prostate gland is to
secrete prostate fluid,
one of the components of semen.

The Penis
The main job of this organ is to pass urine out of the male's body, and to pass semen into the female's body during intercourse.

The size of the organ differs a lot for growing boys because everyone develops differently.
Male Growing Changes During Puperty
During the first stage of male puberty, the scrotum and testes grow larger.

Next, the penis becomes longer

Hair begins to grow in the pubic area and later on the face and underarms.

Then a boy's voice will deepen.

Boys also have a growth spurt during puberty as they reach their adult height and weight.
Everyone is
going to get
a sticky note
Everyone MUST
write down
If you don't have
a question...write
"I don't have a
You are going to hear words like penis and vagina.
You are going to see images of body changes.
You are growing up so it is important to understand
these changes!

This is because of their PURPOSE!
What else happens during puberty?
During puberty, your body undergoes many changes, and it is common to feel uncomfortable about them. Even become overly sensitive about your physical appearance because of the changes.

As a result you may feel irritated quite easily, lose your temper or feel depressed.
It will be useful to be aware of the changes in your behavior and talk about it with someone that you're comfortable talking to.
short temper
What do I do when my Emotions Wild?
1. Breathe
2. Journal
3. Talk to someone!
This is the time when we ask the question:

"Who am I?"

It is also a time where people
need to feel belonging and love
from peers or family members.

You are struggling with who
you want to be in the future,
and who you want to be known
as in the present.

You will sense a need to
"fit in" somewhere and will find
your group!

Both BOYS &
Girls carry
with babies!
(18- death)
The most important events during
your adult life are relationships and
spending time With your family and friends!
Let's Get to the last section...
The Nitty Gritty....
Stuff you HAVE TO KNOW as
you get older!
Full transcript