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Sabrina Keo

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of Submarines

Visual of How A Submarine Works
With the U shape of the submarine it gave the German an advantage when it came to underwater attacks. But it wasn't good enough as Germany didn't get the job done in neither world war I or world war II.
A submarine is an operating machine that can sink or float in the water. A submarine uses buoyancy to float and to sink the gravity has to be bigger than the buoyancy. In 1620, Cornelius van drebbel built the every first submarine. The most two important factors is oxygen and water. A long time ago there was women named shipton, she said that someday there will come a submarine and she wrote this “under water men shall walk, shall ride, shall sleep, shall talk”. Also the nuclear power sub was launched in 1955
By: Amari, Jacqueline, Miguel, Ryan, Sabrina
The two factors involved in whether a submarine floats or sinks is:

How does it float or sink
Over five hundred years ago, Mother Shipton, famous English prophetess, predicted the coming of the submarine when writing, "under water men shall walk, shall ride, shall sleep, shall talk."
In 1620, Cornelius van Drebbel built the first submarine
The first nuclear-powered sub, The USS Nautilus, was launched in 1955
First submerged circumnavigation of the Earth was made by USS Triton in 1960
Leonardo da Vinci sketched a submarine
A submarine is an immersible vessel that is capable of operating under water. A sub uses buoyancy, the tendency to float in water, to submerge itself. In class, we are tasked with building a submarine that can float, sink,and hover in water. But to do this, we must first learn about submarines

This is a scaled blueprint of the boat. The boat was massive, but it wasn’t the largest boat in the ocean at the time. Though it was said to have sunken ships, 3 times it’s size.

Design of German U-Boat
German U-Boat
Design & Blueprints
The German U Boat was first introduced in world I by Germany and was also used in world war II as well
The sleek design and narrowness of the submarine, make this particular German Submarine one of the most technologically advanced war machines of it’s time.
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