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No description

Amanda Batlen

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Scrum

SCRUM "In a dark place we find ourselves,
and a little more knowledge lights our way." -- Yoda Hirotaka Takeuchi + Ikujiro Nonaka Ken Schwaber + Jeff Sutherland "It's typical to adopt the defined (theoretical) modeling approach when the underlying mechanisms by which a process operates are reasonably well understood. When the process is too complicated for the defined approach, the empirical approach is the appropriate choice." Terminology Roles Pigs Chickens PRODUCT
OWNER SCRUM MASTER THE TEAM * actual size Sprint Sprint planning Sprint planning 1986 - 1990 - 1995 - Linux 1.2 4 h 4 h Entire Team Development Team What have I done since yesterday?
What I'm going to do today ?
What is blocking me ? Das Wasserfall vs. Agile Daily standup What does it mean "done" ? Increment of potentially shippable functionality Done User story As ________
I need _____
to ______ . Red ridding hood a spear REVOKE SOME WOLVES
FROM EXISTENCE ! Story points 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,
21,34,56,89,144 DEMO Retrospective What went well ?
What could be improved ? 15 min 4 h 3 h voice of the customer
writes user stories
prioritizes the product backlog rule enforcer
team protector
removes obstacles 5-7 self managing code Jedi / ninja hackers

Burndown chart f i x e d Prioritized product backlog proposal
demonstration of requirement prioritization awareness Delivering monthly, rather than all-at-once on-the-track assurance
ability to change in case of bussiness condition adjustment contracts 80:20 rule 80 % of project value from 20 % functionality possibility to end contract earlier (penalized but cheaper) Typical problems Scrum Use Case User story - UI testable Story Points - logarithmic one ninja one day 2 ninjas entire sprint one ninja entire sprint no go no technical user stories Customer
not willing to participate Scrum master
dictator instead of servant Team
too many ninjas Rules
lax attitude Story points
wrong perception
performance metrics based on SPs Amount of work remaining across time Collision of reality with plan work done
how fast it's being done what is planned
hoped for
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