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Internet Safety Assignment

A John Partridge Production

John Partridge

on 13 June 2013

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Transcript of Internet Safety Assignment

What things are the internet used for?
The internet could be used for many things like e-mailing people, look up at articles, videos, etc. It could also be used for searching up information you need.
What does WWW stand for? How is it different from the internet?
WWW stands for the World Wide Web. It is different from the internet because the world wide web is used for accessing to information and the web utilizes browsers where the internet doesn't. The internet is a network allowing computer to communicate to each other.
What is a browser?
A browser is used for to navigate in
the world wide web. Two other browsers
are Mozilla fox and Google chrome.
The internet is an international network allowing you to get information and many other things.
What do you use a search engine for?
You use a search engine for finding things you need like for school, business and other things. Two search engines geared towards kids are www.askkids.com and www.kidsclick.org.
Three benefits from joining the information super highway
The three benefits for joining it would be contacting people from different nationalities for free. Another is you can enjoy entertainment made by other people and even create your own. Last but not least is that it helps the kids come in contact with different kinds of people.
What could be done to promote safe internet surfing?
What could be done is that you can not
have internet at all because from what i can see is that not many people are going out and socializing with each other and that the internet could never be made to be safe.
What type of information can be given out on the internet? What can't?
What information that can go on the internet are facts, biographies, etc. What information that we shouldn't have is inappropriate stuff, competitions, etc.
List five items on your top 5 internet safety tip?
Never give you phone number to a stranger
Never give your name away
Never meet up with a stranger
Never give your address to any stranger
Never give your personal details to a stranger
Thanks For Listening and Looking
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