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The Unfortunate Events of Bleeding Kansas

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jesa sokol

on 18 December 2014

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Transcript of The Unfortunate Events of Bleeding Kansas

The First Attack...
With enraged Missourians crossing the Kansas line, the free-soil town of Lawrence was brutally hit with looters as well as burning the feilds.

-pg 408 America: A Concise History
John Brown
An abolitionist from New York and Ohio was enraged by the attack, commanded for a free militia. Eventually he led a few men to kill five pro slavery settlers in Pottawatomie. The war had taken over 200 lives.

pg 408- America: A Concise History
Another perspective...
"Babe of the Company, An Unfortold Leaf From The Forest Of Never to be Forgotten Years"- A book written in perspective of a man who witnessed the events. Stated in this book is that what is told in perspective of Bill Anderson is falsified, he noted that "The Guerillas" had been betrayed by a man claiming to have been in the squad but had no military past.
Thank you!
The Beginning...
With the race for free soil and the abolishment of slavery, Kansas hit a road block. Missourians had crossed territory to vote in favor of slavery in Kansas.

-pg 408 America: A Concise History
The Unfortunate Events of Bleeding Kansas
Jesa Sokol
Unfortunate ends..
Referencing to America
Firsthand, page
This is a photo taken of a college where a few men from the Guerilla's were shot.
""Babe of the Company, An Unfolded Leaf from the Forest of Never-to-be-forgotten Years" by Hamp B. Watts." :: American Civil War in Missouri. Democrat- Leader Press, n.d. Web. 03 Dec. 2014.
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