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Demonstrative Pronoun

No description

maileen maneja

on 20 August 2013

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Transcript of Demonstrative Pronoun

Picture 2
Demonstrative Pronoun
Now watch this
Watch the role playing
is my dog
That is a dog
are dogs
are my dogs.
Demonstrative Pronoun
Demonstrative pronouns are those that identify or point to a thing or things and occasionally persons.
They can be both singular and plural and they refer to nouns that are either nearby or far away in time or space.
This and that are singular and refer to something near to the speaker in time and place.
These and those are plural referring to things farther away in time and space.
B. Use `that´ or `those´
Use this or these
1. Is____ my drink?
2. _____ are my jewels
3. _____ are new bikes
Use that or those
4.____ is a big supermarket.
5. Are ____ your pens?
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