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Lady Macbeth

No description

Corey Wu

on 24 March 2011

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Transcript of Lady Macbeth

Lady Macbeth Lady Macbeth

Creator: William Shakespeare
Play: Macbeth
Date: c.1603–1607
Husband: Macbeth
Role: Pusuades her husband into committing regicide by killing King Duncan
Quote: "A little water clears us of this deed" (2,2,70). Maggie, Corey, James Lady Macbeth gives a dagger to her husband, in order to kill King Duncan.
Lady Macbeth on the top of the tower. Lady Macbeth and her husband are preparing a sleeping potion for Duncan's chamberlains Lady Macbeth's reads Macbeth's letter. Lady Macbeth's tries to
clean her hands of invisible blood. LADY MACBETH Me LADY MACBETH THE END Controlling
"Give me the daggers. The sleeping and the dead
Are but as pictures;" (2.2.57-58) She manipulates Macbeth into doing her will. Macbeth might not have done the deed to kill King Duncan if it weren't for her. She likes to take control over the situation, and Macbeth relies on her for that. "if he do bleed,
I'll gild the faces of the grooms withal,
For it must seem their guilt." (2.2.58-60) Cruel She's not the least bit upset about the fact that her husband and herself just murdered their King.
And she's blaming two innocent men for the crime she did. Dissatisfied "Nought's had, all's spent
Where our desire is got without content." (3.2.4-5) She's not satisfied wih herself even after she's crowned as Queen of Scotland, because of her guilt.
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