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thes is teh persuz prezi lololololol

Grant Pfister

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Perseus

Oracle Birth Containment Exile New Family Devilish King Evil plot Explanation and Guidance Three Witches Gifts Nymphs and more gifts Medusa Back Home Ethopia + Andromeda + Sea serpent Vengeance Return GAEMZ Apollo's oracle tells the king of Argos, Acrisius, that his beautiful daughter Danae will have a son. The oracle explains that the child will eventually kill him. Acrisius wanted to kill Danae but couldn't bring himself to do it. Acrisius's ultimate decision was to lock Danae up in a bronze dungeon so that no one could get to her and help her get a son. Just like any loving father would. Zeus sees what's happened and decides to do his dirty little deeds; and nine months later, Danae has a son she names Perseus. When Acrisius finds this out, he once again doesn't have the gall to kill someone of his family line. Instead he decides it's much more merciful to throw them in a box and throw that box into the ocean and hope to never hear from it again. Perseus and Danae wash up on shore to an island and were taken in by a fisherman by the name of Dictys. The ruler of the island was Dictys's brother, Polydectes. He was ruthless and he spotted Danae, his eyes bugged out, and he instantly fell for her, but he hated Perseus greatly and despised his presence. Polydectes decides to get rid of Perseus by devising a plan. He tells Perseus there will be a wedding and makes Perseus upset that he has no good gift. Eventually, he convinces Perseus to attempt to go slay a gorgon and bring back its head as a gift. Perseus is on his way and has no idea where to go, when suddenly, for no adequately explored reason, Hermes and Athena are right next to him. They tell him where to go through his journey and stay by him for most of it. Hermes gives Perseus a sword that cannot break or bend against gorgon scales. Athena gives him a shield that reflects very well, which will protect him against Medusa's gaze. Perseus goes to the Gray Women who all share one eye. As they pass it on they are unable to see, at this time he leaps out of hiding and snatches it from them, using it to force them to tell him where the Nymphs of the North are. The Nymphs of the North greet Perseus and the two gods upon arrival. If you were expecting some epic fight to obtain some sort of power, you're wrong. They give Perseus shoes with wings, a bag that will be able to hold anything of any size, and a cap that makes the wearer invisible. Then they leave. No outrageous fight scene. Perseus makes his way to the gorgons' lair. Fortunately, they are sleeping. Creatures vile with strong scales and snakes for hair. One look into their eyes will instantly turn you into stone. Medusa is the only of the three gorgons who aren't immortal. Athena and Hermes guide him to the right kill while Perseus looks into his shield so as not to catch a glimpse of their eyes and be turned to stone. On his way back, Perseus stops by Ethiopia and sees what's happening there. It turns out there's a giant sea serpent threatening everyone, and the only way to save everyone is to offer up Andromeda, daughter of King Cephus as a sacrifice. Perseus sees Andromeda and thinks, "aw hot." So he whips out his sword and cuts off the serpent's head with it. Then he takes Andromeda back with him after getting consent to marry from her parents. The island's in disarray, Danae and Dictys are hiding since Danae refused to marry Polydectes. Perseus charges into a banquet being held by Polydectes. Everyone's surprised to see him alive. He whips out the head of Medusa and turns everyone there to stone. He crowns Dictys king and returns home to Argos with Andromeda Perseus comes back to Greece with Andromeda in hopes that Acrisius will accept him as a grandson now, but he's not there. He had been driven out. Perseus goes to Larissa because he hears that there's an athletic competition being held. He decides to participate and throws discus. While throwing discus, it turns out he sucks and throws it way into the audience, hitting a pedestrian and killing him, which turns out to be king Acrisius, ironically. PERSEUS This video is taken from the most recent Clash of the Titans. Though it is not entirely fluent with the actual story of Perseus, it shows the struggle of fighting a gorgon fairly well. Prezi by Grant Pfister
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