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The Most Dangerous Game

Fiction: Short Story

Alexandra Dolinski

on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of The Most Dangerous Game

By: Richard Connell The Most Dangerous Game Published in 1924 (Modern time Period). General Zaroff- Cossack (Russian) Static antagonist: He is barbaric throughout the whole plot and never manages to regain a sense of empathy or humanity, deterioration of the mind.
Whitney- Acquaintance of Rainsford,
Foreshadowing the conflict
Sanger Rainsford- Dynamic Protagonist: His view on hunting has changed, and he may or may not continue hunting due to his experience on ship-trap island. He also represents reason(knows what is right and wrong morally)
Ivan- the mute giant; Zaroff's Cossack man servant; the human with only animal instincts 3rd Person limited POV because it is told through a narration, not in a dialogue form. This keeps the tale mysterious and suspenseful and allows the reader to veiw Rainsford's character change. Setting: early 1920's on a small island somewhere in the Caribbean Sea.
All of the characters are introduced in Zaroff's mansion
The hunt is staged in a forest; It lasts for about two days PLOT

Rainsford, and Whitney, sail aboard a yacht bound for Rio de Janeiro for a hunting excursion.
Whitney broaches the topic of a mythical and dangerous Ship Trap Island.Whitney retires to bed, and Rainsford remains on the deck to smoke his pipe.
After dropping his pipe into the sea Rainsford becomes distracted and is thrust overboard into a tempestuous sea and washed ashore onto a beach
Rainsford stumbles upon a mansion amidst the jungle where he meets Ivan and Zaroff.
Zaroff states that he only hunts “a much more dangerous game” and is only thrilled by the hunt of humans.
Rainsford demands to leave the island the next day. Zaroff refuses to let him leave, unless he agrees to be his new game; if Rainsford could survive three days on the island, Zaroff would let him live.
Rainsford flees into the jungle, creating a complex pattern of trails and traps to evade his predator.
Rainsford fools Zaroff into believing that he plummeted to his death from a cliff.
Later that evening, as Zaroff disappointedly returns to his home, he finds Rainsford alive.
Rainsford murders Zaroff, feeds him to his own hunting hounds, and sleeps soundly in Zaroff’s bed. Themes
The Hunter becomes the hunted by changing the roles of the characters.
In the plot Rainsford is hunted at first, but then the roles reverse and Zaroff ends up becoming hunted.
The effects of war can vary depending on the experience.
Zaroff was changed more severely psychologically than Rainsford because of the differnece in their war experience.
It takes place sometime after the Great War.
There is a mysterious remote jungle island in the Caribbean. It is known as ship-trap island.
The setting contributes highly to the conflict and the themes. Characters Point of View
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