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New York

New york

Laura Flanagan

on 27 October 2015

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Transcript of New York

By Pooja and Jadon

New York was founded by
Peter Minuit. Peter Minuit found New York because he wanted a place to gather the Dutch. So he bought New york and built a fort.
Peter Minuit founded
New York in 1626 when
he was the leader of the
New York was in the
middle region of the
thirteen colonies.
New York had many religions but the most popular one was Protestantism.The other two somewhat popular religions were Quakers and Catholics.
New York had hot, humid summers and bitterly cold winters with tons if snow. The terrain was swampy near the coast. Further North there where mountains covered with forests. New York was located along side the Atlantic Ocean.
Colonists made their living in a variety of ways; fur ,lumber ,trading, shipping, the slave trade, and as merchants and tradesmen in colony's towns.
Did you know that New York was the second largest colony in America?

New York measures about 54,555 square miles !

The Statue of Liberty represents
the god of Freedom and Liberty!
Protestants reject the Roman
Catholic Church's . Protestants believe in t.he faith of Jesus Christ
This is
Quakers reject priests , believing in the priesthood of all believers . Some friends may express their concept on god using various phrases
Catholics believe in only one god , father , on and Holy spirit.
creator of things visible such as this world in which our life passes of things invisible such as pure spirit which is also called an angel , and creator in each man of his spiritual and immortal soul
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