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Chasing Lincoln's killer

A prezi about the book

william Liu

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of Chasing Lincoln's killer

By: William Liu Chasing LIncoln's Killer Exposition Resolution Booth got on a horse behind the theater and escaped with his 1 henchman, David herald. 1 of his man is lost and the other one went somewhere else. Booth and Herald hided in the Mudd's farm. rising action One person gave away where Booth's hiding spot was, and got captured by the manhunters in the tobacco farm. The hunters surrounded the farm and captured him. Booth was very angry at him. Climax Booth was captured and got shot and killed in the farm. His henchmen was also captured. They were Mary Surratt, David Herald, Lewis Powell and George Atzerodt. Falling action At last, the four people that helped John Wilkes
Booth was Mary Surratt, David Herald, Lewis
Powell, and George Atzerodt was hanged and
killed as an execution. In the beginning, there was a man named John Wilkes Booth, he made a plan to assassinate the 16th president, Abraham Lincoln and the vice president by his henchmen. He assassinated Lincoln in the Ford's Theater.
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