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Queen Elizabeth & Elizabeth Era

No description

Charissa Rikimaru

on 25 October 2014

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Transcript of Queen Elizabeth & Elizabeth Era

By Angela, Ashley L., Reed Z., Grace, & Charissa R.
End of the Elizabethan Era
During the war with France, there were failed crops
unemployment occurred.
There was also inflation during that time.
Robert Devereux
Elizabeth's final breath was on March 24, 1603
The Start of an Era
This era was from 1558 until 1663
It introduced a new style of fine arts, music, and theater.
Also known as the Renaissance Era
Early Years of Queen Elizabeth
Born September 7, 1533 in Greenwich, United Kingdom
Daughter of Henry VII
Third in line to the throne
Excelled at languages and music

Queen Elizabeth 1
took the country after her sister died
Sister Mary (Bloody Mary)
Ruled for 44 years (Elizabethan Era)
War with France
Religious problems
William Cecil
Daughter of King Henry VIII
Daughter of Ann Boleyn
Half-Sister of Edward VI
Mary was her older half-sister
Queen Elizabeth & Elizabethan Era
The Elizabethan Era
Peace between battles
new ideas in science and literature
the busiest time of the year was during harvest and hay making periods
Queen's love Robert Dudly
Sinister Dr. John Dee
Spy- Master: Sir Francis Walsingham
Chef Adviser- Sir William Cecil
Lord Burghley
Important People During the Elizabethan Era
Great Explorers
Sir Francis Drake
Walter Raleigh
1st Theaters in England
William Shakespeare
The Globe Theatre
Christopher Marlowe
Works Cited:
Known as the Golden Age in History
Height of English Renaissance
Many English poetry & music
Plays that broke free of English's old style and Theater
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