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all about pugs

Hope Dymond

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of pugs

Pugs by Hope Dymond 7-1 History of Pugs Originated in China
Lived in monasteries and temples with monks
Spread to Japan where they became the favorite of the Royal Court Description Health and Care Pug Personality My Pug Fun Facts Pug Breeds
and Show Standards Most pugs are a light tan or black color
Have wrinkles all over face
Stocky body, short legs
Deep, watery eyes
Curled tails Wrinkles need cleaning or they will become infected
Need constant exercise or they will become overweight
Like all dogs, pugs' nails need to be clipped, and their fur must be brushed Pugs are the fifteenth most popular dog breed in the world because they are...
Happy- their eyes show it all
Lively, but lazy at times
Friendly- they want to meet everyone!
Stubborn- this can prove to be a training problem, but it's still adorable
World-Champion eaters- it's all on the menu!!! I own a pug named Maple
She's only two years old, but she's almost an adult dog!
True to her nature, she eats anything
Her favorite foods include tissues, cheese, and leaves
When she was just a 4 lb puppy she'd chase our 21 lb cat Many pugs exhibit a strange and funny behavior called air-licking.... they lick the air continuously
One of the earliest Chinese emperors destroyed all documents on the pug, no one knows why
"Max" has been the most popular pug name since the 1990's Pugs come in many colors, including fawn (light tan), black, silver, apricot, and white
Pug crossbreeds include the puggle (beagle), the bugg (boston terrier), and the pug and chihuahua mix
For a pug to compete in a dog show, its tail must curl twice Pugs in the Media Pugs are included in many popular movies,
such as Men In Black and Milo and Otis
Doritos hosted a commercial in the 2012 Superbowl with a pug
Pugs were featured on Animal Planet's shows Too Cute, and Dogs 101 Wordle air-licking
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