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Building Your People's Garden

with your community

Bernadette Luncsford

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Building Your People's Garden

If you build it, they will come People's Garden
Developing Partnerships
Make presentations to civic groups (Lion's Club, Community Wellness Committee, Church Dinners)
Partners can get Free Seed (America The Beautiful Fund, Seed Saver's Exchange, Hudson Seed Library)
Find Partner to Pay Water Bill
Find Partner to Provide Tools

Finding a Location
Word of Mouth
Put an article in the paper
-Public access
-Convenient to walk to
-USDA Service Center/Church/School Finding Volunteers "Hey, I need a hand with a work project" If you build a People's Garden and nobody knows about it...did it actually happen??? Paperwork Volunteers, Food Pantry, Assisted Living, Schools Harvesting & Donating If you build it right, it can survive without you It's not about You Getting Started PROMOTE!!! Develop a good relationship with your local newspaper and have something in the paper
EVERY WEEK PROMOTE!!! PROMOTE!!! Make it enjoyable -Always have fun in the garden
Talk about how much you enjoy the garden project - people are drawn to things they enjoy!
Talk about the good that the garden will do for the community- people want to be a part of something great!
Set up & advertise a regular work schedule so beginners know when a mentor will be available to help them.
Include Community members who are housebound with tasks such as washing produce & cutting recipe cards- bring them produce too!
Don't be afraid to ask people to help you, and BE SPECIFIC- people shy away from unfamiliar things, the more you explain the more comfortable they will be with the idea of showing up:
"I'll be in the garden Friday afternoon at 5, can you come by and help me plant tomatoes?" 1) Enter Garden in People's Garden database.
2) Build an Earth Team Group File in Volunteer database.
3) Have Group Leader (DC) & each volunteer sign an application, a photo release, and review Earth Team Orientation booklet. Set up hard file.
4) Update people weekly through newspaper, email & social networks.
5) Get their hours: keep a calendar, text, call, ask, do garden drive-by's.
* Geurrilla Gardeners are not covered by NRCS in case of an emergency*

Volunteers under 14 are not Earth Team and therefore not covered~ Our UM Church hosted the jr garden club and covered them for liability. In our garden the Volunteers come first, then recipient organizations.
Weigh all produce and track where it went (including what volunteers take home)
We designated Fridays to prep donation bags as a group effort at the office (1st Friday- Senior Center, 2nd-Assisted Living, 3rd- Food Pantry, 4th-School)
Include recipe cards and identification cards for food pantry packages
Wash and package the produce for easy handling
We held a pot-luck Appreciation Dinner on Food Day 2012 where we gave out Awards for most hours, Earth Team Awards, and a T-shirt & certificate to all volunteers The Community needs to own it's community garden NOT the federal government, we offer technical assistance and support.
Recognize emerging leaders and ask them to take on certain leadership tasks and roles
Take a vote and act on group decisions, offer advice but don't vote yourself.
Questions??? Bernadette Luncsford
785-332-2183 x104 St Francis People's Garden 2012 35' x 55' garden on business lot was donated for use
Provided access to fresh food for at least 25 volunteer families
Donated 797 lbs of fresh produce to 35 monthly food pantry recipients, senior center, eldercare facility & the school system
JR Garden Club taught 12 elementary aged children to garden three days a week
Mentors taught "newbie" gardeners five days a week
Garden Club had 606.25 Total Volunteer Hours (FY2012)
Received recognition for Group, Individual & Employee State & National Earth Team Awards.
My NRCS time invested = 10 hours a month
My personal Volunteer hours = 103.5 for FY 2012
Started Planning in October 2011 2013 Expansion - Jr Garden Club has own garden (church owned), Community Garden Club purchased greenhouse property for year round garden, plus we still have our original lot!
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