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Start-Up Non Profits

No description

Kyrie C

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Start-Up Non Profits

Starting a Non-Profit Organization The Journey of a Non-Profit Looking to the Future... Profit vs. Non-Profit Mission Statement Board of Trustees Qualified
Dependable Articles of Incorporation Understand opportunities and challenges
Analyze strengths and weaknesses
Strategic Planning
Involved Leadership
Learn from Others
Commitment to Change Purpose Community or Public Benefit Self or Family Benefit Versus Control Self-Controlled Versus Autonomous Board One Sentence Name
Non-profit status
What it does
For whom
Where Descriptive Purpose
Activities & Programs
Values Second Harvest Heartland’s mission is to end hunger through community partnerships.

Working closely with our network of partners, volunteers and donors and people like you, our aim is to efficiently and effectively end hunger. The groundwork we’ve laid through programs and community ties goes a long way toward meeting these goals. Second Harvest Heartland distributes more than 51 million pounds of food and grocery products annually to nearly 1,000 food shelves, soup kitchens, shelters and programs in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin.

It’s not enough.

Each year, low-income Minnesotans miss a staggering 100 million meals. That’s 10 missed meals a month for every struggling child, adult or senior. Three nights a week, going to bed hungry. Waking up to an empty breakfast table.

In this land of plenty, these numbers are simply unacceptable.

This is a fight we can win. With close relationships, community ties and dedicated partners, we can beat hunger if we keep striving to:
Provide nutritious and culturally diverse foods to people in need
Advocate for local and national hunger relief programs and policies
Educate people about nutrition and other food-related issues

The problem of hunger isn’t going away without the involvement of communities, businesses and people like you. Join the Second Harvest Heartland mission, and help us end hunger. YWCA is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all. the basic charter of a corporation which spells out the name, basic purpose, incorporators, amount and types of stock which may be issued, and any special characteristics such as being non-profit Reserve organization's name
Avoid lawsuit liability of the board of trustees
Define special characteristics
Includes a fee
Apply for Non-Profit Status
Register the Organization
Apply for a Solicitation License
Apply for Sales Tax Exemption
Apply for a Bulk Mail Permit
Acquire Liability Insurance
By-Laws http://www.ywca.org/site/c.cuIRJ7NTKrLaG/b.7515887/k.9633/Mission__Vision.htm http://www.2harvest.org/site/PageServer?pagename=aboutus_mission http://www.snpo.org/samples/V120212.pdf http://www.idealist.org/info/Nonprofits/Gov1#One legal document laying out the governance of a nonprofit organization Size and function of the board
Roles of board members
Procedural rules of board meetings
Election of new members
Conflict of Interest
Distribution of grants
Fundraising without Funds Membership Drive Board Member Donations Ticketed Events Corporate Sponsorships http://www.snpo.org/samples/V060603.pdf http://www.501c3.org/blog/nonprofit-bylaws-the-dos-and-donts/ http://www.grantspace.org/Tools/Knowledge-Base/Nonprofit-Management/Establishment/Nonprofit-bylaws http://www.snpo.org/resources/startup.php http://www.snpo.org/resources/startup.php http://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/Articles+of+Incorporation http://www.tccgrp.com/pdfs/per_brief_tenkeys.pdf Grants Sources http://www.snpo.org/resources/startup.php
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