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Unequal Childhoods

No description

Janae' Taylor

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Unequal Childhoods

Unequal Childhoods Janae' Taylor

Britteny Anthony

Alicia Johnson Chapter Four Tryrec Taylor The Taylor Family •Nine year old Tyrec lives with his mother Celeste, his thirteen year old sister Anisha and eighteen year old step-brother Malcolm • They live in a rented four bedroom house (living room, dining room, and kitchen) in a “working class” neighborhood which is predominantly black, where houses in the area sell for about $50,000 • His Mother Ms. Taylor is a secretary responsible for managing the company’s fleet of cars and his father Mr. Taylor is unemployed, and his parents are separated and live apart Father •Tyrec Sr. lives in the central city about 15minutes away from his family’s home- his neighborhood has many thriving stores, small gardens, inhabited old houses and, families. • His father is a relatively thin man, once had a substance abuse problem and is proud that it is no longer an issue, a high school dropout, and has many opinions on many issues including the state of the world. Mother • His mother is medium height and a little over weight, she smiles often and takes care of the household Finances: •When the car works, she drives to work but usually takes the bus. Her Job does include health insurance, but her annual salary for her position is approximately $20,000s

•Paying the monthly rent of $650, going out for fast food (often weekly) leave little expenses for the car to be fixed

•The family takes a vacation to the beach once a year, but his mother starts saving up early

•His father buys $70 sneakers (about 4) but doesn’t pay child support

•The children’s lives are constrained by the shortage of funds

•Big “Gifts” come from grandparents on holidays Tyrec Taylor Jr. • Tyrec is a small thin boy, sprite of a boy and looks like is father

• He is a solid student in lower Richmond elementary school getting mostly B’s and C’s and completing his homework regularly

• He can be assertive sometimes For example: in Burger King one Sunday afternoon, he puts his white Frisbee and his large drink (which he has not finished) on an empty table.

An old white man in threadbare clothes walks over to that table and Tyrec yells to him” HEY! That’s mine”- his mother and sister giggle and laugh and the incident Ms. Taylors Rules • Ms. Taylor has an assortment of rules to guide her childrens behavior

• All adults are treated with respect and addressed as “Miss, Mrs. Or Mr.”

• No cursing

• Children are expected to come in from play when being called in by her

• Homework must be done before play

• And boundaries on how far from home he may go from home

• Disciplines Tyrec by withdrawing privileges and restriciting the children to the house

• At times she turns blind eye to Tyrec’s violation to the rules

• Her excuse for his behavior is because “ he has not had a beating recently” in her view that kind of punishment can be helpful Tyrec’s Behavior • He repeatedly comes in late

• One evening he was banished from Vacation Bible school for his poor conduct

• When things don’t go his way he routinely demonstrates his feelings by looking annoyed, whining or crying

• Can often be hyper, but parents demonstrate physical affection by hugging or rubbing his head Extracurricular Activities • Vacation Bible school (mother’s choice)

• Community football (Tyrec’s choice) – Ms. Taylor was determined to meet both the time and money demands posed by this activity Supervision • When younger Tyrecs grandmother watched him and his sister

• Now they stay home together without an adult present until Ms. Taylor is home from work- Malcolm is working when not in school

• Tyrec and his sister look out for one another Everyday Entertainment • Playing outside with friends and creating new games
• Watching television Strategies and Skills The organizations oh Tyrec’s everyday life provide him with opportunities to develop skills in; •Peer mediation
•Conflict management
•Personal responsibility
•Needs no adult assistance to pursue great the great majority of his Major Points The accomplishment of natural growth - Given flexibility to choose activities and playmates and to decide how active or inactive to be as they engage in these activities
- They are given boundaries for their behavior then allowed to grow Chapter Five "Children's play is for children" Katie Brindle Katie Brindle Nine years old
Very bouncy
Can be mature
Energetic, loud, and bossy Siblings

- Melvin 18 months
(1/2 Brother)
- Jenna 18 years old
(1/2 sister) The Apartment Housing Not well maintained
Ceiling Leaks
Toilet runs constantly
Roaches scatter around
Walls are bare
Smells of bleach Mother CiCi
Thirty seven years old
History of alcohol/drug
Clean/Sober now
Highest level of education is a GED
She is very proud of this, it sits on her counter
Currently unemployed
Recieves medical assistance and food stamps Father Denied Katie at first until the DNA test confirmed he was the father Pays child support but he refuses to spend quality time with Katie Education Katie is a fourth grader
Attends Lower Richmond Elementary School
Katie joined two organized activites which are singing with the choir and going to a christian youth program. Natural Growth Katie joins organizations on her
Very mature
She makes her own meals after school with no help Interaction with adults Katie visits her grandmother on weekends, she also helps with transportation. Mary (CiCi's bestfriend) Ryan (CiCi's brother) Cici`s Parenting -Katie must not leave things to do last minute, especially her homework.

-If kate forgets to do her homework at nighttime then she must wake up early before school to do it.

-She groups Katies outfits together in advance.

-Cici doesnt think that Melvin needs toys, she believes that pounding on a table or playing with a dog is just the same. Parent Struggles -Cici recieves footstamps but does not have a vehicle. So she must take the bus, which is a long process. It takes approx 2 hours.

-Having to rely on public transportation can be a struggle because the bus can be late and its hard to watch over little children on a bus.

-When the washer machine breaks in the apartment complex it sometimes means that Katie cannot go to school because she doesnot have clean clothes.

-Jenna was diagnosed HIV positive. She moved to the florida to with her father but her illness got worse and she ended up in the hospital. Cici isnt able to afford the rent because she and Jenna were splitting the $600. Also Cici wants to move to florida to take care of her child but doesnot want to take Katie out of schooling in the middle of the year but ends up deciding to take Melvin and Katie along with her. Study Questions 1.)


3.) Garrett Tallinger Chapter Three The Tallinger Family Louise Tallinger
Don Tallinger
Garrett Tallinger
Spencer Tallinger
Sam Tallinger
Trim, Fit
Fashionable Cute, Short blonde hair
Fourty Years Old
Works as a Consultant for personnel Ms. Tallinger Tall (over 6 foot)
Broad Shoulders
Wears exspensive suits
Reddish- Blonde hair
Likes golf & sports
Works as a consultant for fundraising Mr. Tallinger Garrett Tallinger Ten years old
Loves sports
Fourth Grader
Serious attitude
Blonde hair
Tall, thin
Target child Garrett would rather spend time playing sport than spending time with extended family. Seven years old
Uninterested in sports
Second grader
Outgoing & Talkative Spencer Tallinger Four years old
Doesn't have much to do
Life revolves around his brothers busy schedules
Blonde hair
Sturdy looking
Preschooler Sam Tallinger Four bedrooms/ Three baths
White picket fence
Fresh green lawn
Swimming Pool
Two Story
Located in the Northeaster City/ Suburbs
Housing/ Environment Both parents income combined is 175,000 a year
Spend large amounts of money
Fifteen dollars per month for soccer
Piano lessons are twenty three dollars per week
Uniforms are one hundred dollars
Tennis Clinic fifty dollars a month
Winter basketball thirty dollars
Summer Camp tw hundred dollars per week
Garrett's exspenses alone cost four thousand dollars a year
Two hundred fifty thousand dollar home Finances Mom does the cooking, cleaning, taking care of the boys needs
Dad joins in and helps as well, the feeling is mutual
Father becomes more tense when alone with children
Children must do their homework as soon as they get home
Taught to greet people properly with eye contact and a hand shake
Family live off a set schedule, a calender that has their daily routine
They hardly ever have free time Parenting Styles Education Both parents hold a BA degree from an Ivy League College
All children are enrolled in school and after school activites Concerted Cultivation Family lives off of a set schedule
Garret doesn't complain about his hectic schedule, he actually enjoys it
Replicate key aspects of the work place
Parents believe sports teach children crucial life lessons
Knowing when to practice and perform
Working as a team
Builds ambition
Becomes social playing in front of people
Prepares children for the white collar work place Extracurricular Activities Piano
Intercounty Soccer
Forest Soccer
School Achievements Garret has won many trophies
Excellent in every sport Interactions with Adults Louise
Baby Sitter
Mary the Feild Worker
Team mates
Louise's mother(Visits Weekly)
Don's mother (Visits Monthly)
Parents Challenges Conflicts with events
The childrens events becomes overwhelming
Parents don't get enough sleep
Last minute changes in schedule
Events overlap each other on the family calender
No time for interaction with extended family members
Serious Financial Difficulties
Seven thousand dollar penalties on mortgage Thank You ! The End
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