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Take It Home:

This presentation gives an overview of my three "big takeaways" from the Design Thinking course work, and how my process worked along the way.

Rhonda Howard

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of Take It Home:

Take It Home:
Apply Design Thinking
Design is . . .
The learning process is a two-way street
Design is . . .
It makes adjustments to discoveries — no matter how unexpected
Design is . . .
Protoyping & testing
the process
The Challenge of Design
...is to set aside
"what I thought"
in order to discover
"what works"
for the person or people who will be using the product or process.

The "Empathize and Define" assignment was challenging; it seemed to me that if I didn't get it right at this step, I wouldn't be able design well for my stakeholder.
Celebrate successes . . .
<--someone else's
yours!! -->
You have to dive in!
gather information with observation, interviews — ask questions!
Take one step at a time
don't get intimidated by the size of the task; break it down into manageable steps
Hangouts are good!
you must hangout with your stakeholder in order to learn — and team hangouts are good also!
Sometimes you have to take a leap!
(it's especially nice to have a buddy at times like this)
Things don't always work out. . .
try again, try something else!
let's try this!!!
might as well!
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