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Climate Science Assignment!*

No description

Chante Myburgh

on 24 August 2011

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Transcript of Climate Science Assignment!*

Climate Science... Greenhouse Effect... The greenhouse effect is when the ozone layer gets thicker and all the heat and sunrays stay in the Earth's Atmosphere The thicker the ozone layer gets,
the hotter it gets each year Global Warming! That is where global warming starts...all the heat melts the ice in Antarctica! when the ice melts it turns into water, making islands and continents smaller. If the ice melts Polar Bears and Penguins have no place to live and they can't swim forever, so they die :'( --> carbon dioxide used in cars --> burning of fossil fuels
--> Sprayin deoderant Average Monthly Ozone Reading 1) In the summer the Ozone reading is higher because it is hotter but in winter and part of spring the reading is lower. 2) In 1978 and 1984, the ozone reading is much more higher in all different seasons then in 1998 and 2003. I think this is becuase years ago they didn't really know much about global warming or didn't know how to stop it but then in between those years they stopped using CFC's wich made less global warming. Differences Oxygen Atoms Oxygen Molecules Ozone Molecules Made up of three oxygen atoms 2 oxygen atoms are chemically bonded to each other with a spin triplet electron configuration Consists of a dense surrounded by a cloud of negatively charged electrons Made up of two oxygen atoms Joined together by two covalent bonds --> we can all go to school or work by taking a bus or you can walk to where you want to be. highly reactive nonmetallic element that readily forms compounds Free oxygen is too chemically reactive to appear on Earth without the photosynthetic action of living organisms Ways how humans have influenced the natural balance of carbon dioxide: Two ways individuals can minimise the effects of climate change: 1. you can take public transport to school/work instead of a car - Less driving means fewer emissions. Besides saving gasoline, walking and biking are great forms of exercise.
2. Use less heat and air conditioning - Setting your thermostat just 2 degrees lower in winter and higher in summer could save about 2000 pounds of carbon dioxide each year Two ways society can minimise the effects of climate change: 1. Plant a tree day :) - a single tree will absorb approximately one ton of carbon dioxide during its lifetime. If the whole community cooperates and plant a tree, there will be more oxygen and less carbon dioxide
2. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - By recycling half of your household waste, you can save 2400 pounds of carbon dioxide annually. If everyone contributes and recycle their waste in the specific trashcans given, they can reduce carbon dioxide. Choose reusable products instead of disposables. See if there is a recycling program in your community, if not ask about starting one
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