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Susan Munkres

on 23 April 2013

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promoting fair food in your community community education fair food consumer socially responsible daily behavior changing institutions Real Food Challenge changing public policy formal political activity direct action for fair food inputs to people, institutions and policies Making Change community building direct service community economic development eat seasonally, shop locally buy fair trade, local, organic, certified humane raised & handled, etc... buy direct from farmers, reduce red meat consumption, eat ground grass-fed beef form buying clubs, cooking clubs, dinner clubs take cooking classes join or start a community garden provide cooking, food preservation, seasonal eating classes volunteer for community gardens, school gardens or any other food initiative help others garden, keep chickens or bees, can food support new food businesses bring music to your farmers market community kitchens join a CSA get to know a farmer read labels read food system blogs start a food coop bring produce to small neighborhood stores start small farmers markets in low-income areas form producer cooperatives create food hubs Vermont Farm 2 School Fletcher Allen: Hospital Supported Agriculture VT Agency of Agriculture Jr. Iron Chef http://www.foodcoopinitiative.coop/ http://www.citymarket.coop/news/calendar www.civileats.com teach gardening advocacy & policy work formal political activities grassroots campaigns, building allies Burlington School Food Project shared tools & goals: create policies that point in the right direction; set targets. UVM: Sodexo or... Bon Appetit? you vote for a Governor the Governor appoints the Secretary of Agriculture the Secretary of Agriculture shapes the agenda of the state's Agency of Agriculture the Agency of Agriculture can support farmers' markets, food hubs, farm to school programs, agricultural revitalization, small farm development, organic agriculture, etc., or not. direct action strategies: pickets, marches, boycotts, & other forms of protest production farmworker rights foodworkers food security food & farm policy political advocacy campaigns direct action strategies food policy councils anti-GMO organic standards farmland preservation right-to-know legislation the Farm Bill state agricultural policy marches, rallies, boycotts &
other forms of protest
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