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The Revolution: Second Phase

No description

Glenna Mae Masanque

on 2 September 2014

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Transcript of The Revolution: Second Phase

The Revolution: Second Phase
American Designs on the Philippines
The Spanish-American War
The stolen Dupuy de Lome letter about President William Mckinley that was published in a New York periodical resulted a war against Spain

February 15, 1898- the American warship Maine was blown up at Havana harbor, resulting in the death of 246 men.

April 21, 1898- declaring a state of war with Spain.

April 25-Dewey was ordered to destroy Spanish fleet

Second Phase
The Relief on Primo de Rivera
Aguinaldo and Consul Wildman
On April 25,1898 - Aguinaldo and his companions sailed for Hongkong but Dewey had already left for manila when Aguinaldo arrived in the british colony.

Rounseville Wildman - told Aguinaldo to established a dictatorial government in the Philippines si that he could easily take steps to continue the revolution. And Aguinaldo obey what Wildman said.

Aguinaldo gave a sum of P50,000 and later P67,000 for the purchase of more arms and ammunition. The first shipment of arms and ammunition costing P50,000 and the second costed P67,000 and never realized that Wildman was no record that he return the money.
Aguinaldo and the Hongkong Junta
Dewey won the battle of Manila Bay and this news reached around the world

HongKong Junta - Made by the Filipino patriots

Aguinaldo told to HongKong Junta about his interview with Pratt and Wildman and he said that the situation in the Philippines was serious and he need their opinion.

So they decided that Aguinaldo must return to Philippines and lead the filipinos once more to fight against spaniards.
The Battle of Manila Bay
Dewey received a message by cable from the Secretary of war and this message order to destroy spain.

Dewey ordered to sail for manila bay.Quietly he entered the bay in the early of the morning hours of May 1,1898.

The Spanish were too late in detecting passage of the fleet.

Admiral Patricio Montojo- he watch dewey's course as he entered manila bay.

Dewey spotted the spanish ships and calcuted the distance and said: "you may fire when your are ready,Gridley"

But that signal all the american ships burst with fire and dominate the battle, by 12:30 in the afternoon, admiral montojos fleet was already destroyed .

After that the spanish hoisted a white flag a sign taht they surrender and that only means that the americans won. The American people were delirious with joy.

It was said that the whole American nation was heard opening geography books to locate the Philippines on the map.
The Struggle Continues....
Governor-General Primo de Rivera- The leader of the spanish succeed in the battlefield of Cavite over Aguildo's forces

During the war they made a truce so that they can recover to their losses and resume fighting later

General Emilio Aguinaldo- recognized as leader of the filipino that time,negotiated the Americans to delay confrontation with an obviously more powerful country.

All of Filipino thought that time that the Americans are ally but they were wrong, instead they replace the Spanish force and stay over as the new colonial master.
Aguinaldo in Singapore
Middle of April 1898- rumor filtered through Manila that the Spanish-American war was few weeks away

Aguinaldo and his companions were following the trends of events on the otherside of the Pacific.

April 23-interview of E. Spencer Pratt to Aguinaldo
Spanish-American relation worsen

May 1897-statement made by Theodore Roosevelt that war between Spain and US should break out in order to expand the navy.

February 25, 1898- Roosevelt cabled Dewey to make Hongkong his base of operation

1899- Roosevelt confession that the Spanish-American war is not an accident but a planned action.
Governor-General Primo de Rivera's- succes was highly praised in Spain and Queen of Spain rewarded him the Grand Cross of San Fernando and a pension of about P10,000.

Mid-February 1898- an armed hostilities occured,many spaniards blamed the filipinos for violating the truce of biak-na-bato. In Spain,election was made resulted of Conservative party win. It sent General Basilio Augustine as governor-general to succeed primo de Rivera.

In that time rumors occured that the Spaniards and the Americans is about to begin war.

April 9,1898 - governor-general Augustin arrived in manila and the following day primo de Rivera turned over the reins of government to him
Primo de Rivera
Basilio Augustin
Emilio Aguinaldo
Hongkong Junta
Aguinaldo Returns
Aguinaldo accepted Junta's decision, he return with the members of Junta were Felipe Agoncillo as president with Doroteo Lopez as Secretary; Teodore Sandico, Anastacio Francisco,Mariano Llnera,Maximo Kabigting, Faustino Lichauco and Antonio Montenegro

On may 17,1898 Aguinaldo boarded the American revenue cuter McCulloch was bound for Manila

According to Aguinaldo,while he was Aboard the Olympia, Dewey assured him that the United States would recognize the independence of the Philippines
The Relief on Primo de Rivera
American Designs on the Philippines
The Spanish-American War
The Battle of Manila Bay
Aguinaldo in Singapore
Aguinaldo and Consul Wildman
Aguinaldo and the Hongkong Junta
Aguinaldo Returns
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