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Most Mysterious Modern Cryptids

No description

David Feng

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Most Mysterious Modern Cryptids

Most Mysterious Modern Cryptids Bigfoot Bigfoot According to some people, Bigfoot was first sighted in 1958 by a construction worker named Jerry Crew. Sightings Description Bigfoot is a lot taller than an regular person (he’s seven to eight feet). They are covered in long, brown hair and are very odoriferous. It has big feet which make big footprints(duh). People have seen footprints they assume are Bigfoot's because of their size. They are called ... Names Bigfoot By: David Feng Yeti Sasquatch Skunk Ape Wildman Yowie It gives a piecing, eerie howl. Bigfoot is sighted often by witnesses. People also find his footprints a lot. The Loch Ness Monster (or Nessie) Famous Photo of Nessie One of the most famous photos of Nessie is a flipper photo taken by a person on the Rines expedition. Description Nessie is a large creature with a long neck. It has a head like a horse and a humped back. El Chupacabra (or The Goat Sucker) It lives in Loch Ness, Scotland (obviously). Some people say it isn’t always in water; some have sighted it on land. The Surgeon's Photo The Surgeon's Photo, one of the most famous photos of Nessie, turned out to be a hoax. This is basically what the fake looked like. Christian Spurling admitted to have made the "monster" out of some plastic and a clockwork, tinplate, toy submarine. Description The Chupacabra is about the size of a chimpanzee and hops around like a kangaroo.It has large glowing red eyes, grayish skin, hairy arms, a long snake like tongue, and sharp fangs. It has long quills along it’s spine that seem to open and close like a fan. Some people believe that it may have wings. It lives in Puerto Rico and goes around killing livestock, chicken, ducks, chickens, rabbits and goats. It was blamed for killings in Mexico, Southern Texas, several places in South America, and Chile. The Jersey Devil The most common legend of the jersey devil is told like this. A woman named Deborah Smith emigrated from England to New Jersey in the 1700s. She emigrated so that she could marry a person named Mr. Leeds. Deborah, now Mrs. Leeds, had 12 children and was about to give birth to her 13th. People say that she asked the devil for help when she was giving birth, and when the baby was born, it quickly turned into a devil and flew away. The Legend There are many other versions of the legend but this is the most common one. Description The Jersey Devil is about 3 and a half feet tall. It has the head like a collie dog, a face like horse, wings about 2 feet long, back legs like those of a crane, a long neck, and horses hooves. It walks on 2 legs and holds its front 2 legs in the air. The Dover Demon The Dover demon was first spotted by 17 year old Bill Bartlett in Dover, Massachusetts. It was also sighted by 2 other people, but it wasn’t ever spotted again. The 3 people had all described it in the same way. Which brings me to its ... Description It had 4 legs and walked on 2 of them. It had a hairless body with rough skin. It also had a big watermelon shaped head with 2 big yellow eyes. Mothman People say that Mothman is approximately 7 feet tall with a wingspan of over 10 feet wide. It has gray scaly skin. Description It also has large red hypnotic eyes It screeches and squeals like a rodent or electric motor and travels at more than 100 miles per hour. What it does It causes television and phone interference. It also has some mind control powers. Sightings It is usually sighted in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. The Loveland Lizard This creature was spotted by two police officers on two different occasions. The first sighting was on March 3, 1972 in the morning. A police officer was cruising on Riverside Ave in Loveland, Ohio. He saw on the side of the road what appeared to be a large dog. He slowed down so that he wouldn’t hit it. He got near the creature and stopped his car. The creature jumped up into a crouching position. When he shined his headlights on the so called dog, he saw a creature he could not explain. Afterward, the creature was mostly forgotten until another officer spotted it about two weeks later. The other officer also thought it was some animal lying on the ground. Then he pulled over but the creature stood up and jumped into the river. Description It was three to four feet tall and was about fifty to seventy pounds. It had leathery skin, fur, maybe a tail and the head of a frog or lizard. Spring-Heeled Jack It came from the shadows and attacked its victims, then bounded into the shadows with in-human speed. The victims all described it in the same way. The attacks continued into 1838 and going on to the 1870s. Surprisingly, he never killed anyone or seriously hurt anyone except for 18 year old Lucy Scales who was temporarily blinded by Jack’s flames. It was man-like but with a hideous face and glowing eyes. It had sharp, claw-like fingernails and it was tall and thin but powerful. It wore a dark cloak and some said it wore a helmet of some kind. Bibliography http://paranormal.about.com/od/othercreatures/a/10-creatures.htm
http://www.unmuseum.org/nesshoax.htm It was able to spit blue fire from its mouth. It could jump incredible heights and distances. hello The yeti is basically bigfoot but it's white and lives in cooler areas. Description Thank you for listening
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